Friday, November 20, 2015

Money, Money, Money........

Money, Coins, Taxes, Finance, Currency    I am like everyone else.  I dream of working for myself.  I dream of making money via my blogs (eventually), via writing books ( many in various stages), via passive income, via free lance writing, etc.  I dream of living my life as I want to.

I go through e-books to find the ones that tell me how to do it and I get them when they are free   I think I'm downloading books faster than I'm reading but I can read them in the future.

You've seen the titles!  The ones that guarantee 30,000 for your first year if you follow all the directions in their 32 page book that includes an offer for taking a class  for more money.  Or the one that will share all the knowledge they learned so you don't have to make the same mistakes they did but making mistakes is part of the human learning process.

Tonight, I had sort of an epiphany!  Well more of a decision.  I need to sit down and figure out how to accomplish my goal to work independently within the next 4.5 years.  Right now, my blogs are a way to improve my writing and get into the habit of writing everyday.They are not for increasing growth at an exponential rate.

One of the first things is to change my attitude so I see this  as a business with a plan rather than thinking of it as this nebulous thing that will happen in the future.  It is important include a timeline so I can make sure  I implement each facet in a step by step manner. 

I have quite a few stories I've started but never finished.  I get these ideas and just write until I run out of the idea and let it hang. These stories have to be finished so I should spend time creating an outline for each story so I know where they are going. It would be advantageous to keep either a notebook or  digital device with me at all times so that I can record my ideas for books, stories and blog entries. 

I really have to acquire a better knowledge of Social Media.  I don't twitter, don't do much of any social media. I do have a facebook page that I don't really use and should probably set  it up so I can use it to help grow my business.  These are all big steps for me because I prefer to be private.  That is for the future.

I feel like I have taken the first step to making my dreams come true.

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