Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunsets and other things.

Sunset, Novovoronezh, Summer  If you've lived your life in one place you are used to your local sunsets and how long they take.  When I was in Hawaii, sunset takes a very short time from start to finish.  I think its between 15 and 30 min from start to finish. 

When I talk about sunset, I'm talking about the sun going down behind the horizon, the sky going through the glorious colors of yellow, red, orange to dark cobolt blue to black.  In fact, when I was on top of Mauna Kea, it took all of 15 min.  The sun just seemed to drop, wave a quick good night and it was black.  This was at Christmas time.

On the other hand, all the sunsets that occur between about the end of September and Mid March take such a long time.  Even after the sun has set below the horizon, the sky refuses to go black for quite a long time.  In fact, it goes through a cobalt blue that seems to stretch on forever and simply refuses to give way to the dark of night.  It makes it seem like sunset takes a good couple of hours to finish. 

I love watching the sunsets from my living room window when its too cold to stand on the porch.  Sunsets are always so beautiful and make my inner child go "awwwwwweeeee".

Update on the frozen lake.  It is not frozen solid yet.  there is a small stream of water in the center that has not frozen.  There is a tradition in this place that as soon as the lake starts freezing, kids venture out as far as they can before they fall through.  They want to be the first person to cross the lake.  Fortunately, the lake is only about waist high at its deepest but everyone worries about the little one falling in because the lake is so cold, they could lose their breath and slide under the ice.  It has happened before but that doesn't stop everyone from trying.

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