Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Tragedy

Eiffel Tower, Night View, ParisEvery since I began studying French in junior high, I've had dreams of visiting Paris.  I've wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc D'Triumphe, the Louvre and all the other famous places I studied about.  I wanted to visit all the famous avenues, the left bank, the small shops and of course the bakeries.

Then the other day, I heard Paris was attacked by ISIS.  The last death toll numbers are 129 dead.   That may not seem like many in a city of so many people but those 129 knew others so their death leaves a hole in people's life.  I am always so sad when I hear about incidents like that.

I was living in Colorado when the World Trade Center was attacked.  I was actually at work, teaching at the college.  Everyone who was there had their eyes glued to television reports and reports on the internet.  We needed to know what was going on.  I had several students who disappeared for a while because they were national guard and were called up.  I had a friend who was in Boston to get training and she got stuck there when marshall law was  declared.  She went stir crazy there.

I had students who were in the area on tour when the towers fell.  They disappeared and no one could find them.  It was only after a couple family members flew to New York City and checked all the hospitals that they found the missing people.  They'd had debris fall on them and knock them unconscious.  It took a while before they regained consciousness. 

For most of us, we heard all sorts of rumors of more attacks.  Of this or that being a conspiracy.  Who  knew or who cared.  it took a while before life settled down. Why do I mention this story?  Because I believe many people in Paris will be going through the same due to the horror of the attack.  It will be a while before everyone feels safe enough to  return to normal. 

My prayers are with those who are in Paris, who were injured or who died.  I hope the survivors are able to return to normal soon and I sincerely hope those who did this are caught and have to pay a consequence.

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