Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everyone's Vision

The Bishop Museum has both permanent, rotating, and visiting exhibits.  This year, they had a wonderful fashion exhibit.  Its called World of Wearable Art and shows off the results of a wearable art contest from New Zealand.

Although it is labeled wearable art, some entries are more likely to be worn than others.  For instance check this full length number to the left.  It appears to be composed of many different doily like pieces and is something that just does not appeal to me.  I know there are people who would wear it but it just doesn't strike my fancy.

On the other hand the photo to the right is more my style.  I stopped to think about why one appeals and the other doesn't.  Figured out that the one on the left is more avant guard and the one on the right looks like something I'm used to seeing.  Although it is art and creative, its still done in a style I've seen before and am accustomed to.  You might even say the one on the right is safe while the one on the left is for those who are daring.

I love going through the museum when there are exhibits like this.  I adore seeing the visions of the artists and seeing a reaffirmation that art can be wearable and not always found on walls as paintings or out in lobbies as sculptures.  Some people cannot draw but can create so much out of fabric or other materials that allow them to create something like what is in the pictures.

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