Saturday, November 21, 2015


Notes, Paper, Paper Ball, Memo, OfficeI have given more thought on how I'm going to make my dream a reality.  My first instinct is to run out and sign up for various free lancer sites and build a clientele so I can quit my job by May but that would not be a good step for me.   I prefer having a more solid base built up when I take the leap.  Its also kind of hard when you are already working a full time job.  
I know there are people who would make the jump but I am uncomfortable doing that.  I admit that some days' I'm ready to do it but I need the security to be able to ease from one situation to another.  Thus the time line and planning.   In addition, I do not have a good internet signal at home so I'd have to spend time after my normal workday at work to get the work done.

Phases is the perfect way to transition over the next few years and if I get everything up and running fully,  I might quit earlier.  I just have to choose to implement my business in small manageable pieces so I don't become discouraged. Tiny steps, one at a time.

I have been reading a book on writing and two themes pop out at me.  The first is to have some time set aside everyday to work.  Decide if you'll work 5 or 7 days a week.  I need to commit to writing, not just blogging, for one hour ever day.  Just an hour a day to start.   

The second thing emphasized was the idea of marketing. Anyone can write a book but to take it to the next step is to market whatever you publish if it is a book or a blog.   Since I have several books in various stages of completion, those should be finished first.  It seems like I"m always starting a book but never finishing it.  I have to start outlining the idea so I know where the story is going in order to finish it.  I can jot down ideas as they occur for future development.

I am trying to remember who said "Publish or Perish".  I think it dealt with staying a live in academia but it is applicable to establishing a writing career.  Now I just have to start publishing.   I think this is the first step in making my dreams a reality.  

Tomorrow back to nice warm topics......LOL.  I really hate winter with cold temps and tons of snow. 

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