Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Last Evening

Dragon Fruit, Cambodia, Fruit, EatDragon Fruit, Pitahaya, PitayaLast evening, I went over to the closest Farmers Market and found some great things.  It is the season for Dragon fruit.  Its looks kind of strange but it is sooooo good when its ripe.  I love its sweetness.  I introduced it to someone on this trip because he had never seen it. 

Starfruit, Africa, Fruit, Fruitful, HandIn addition, vendors had tons of star fruit.  It gets its name from the star shape you get when you cut it straight across.  I put the star fruit, dragon fruit, rambuton, mango, papaya, and banana together for a wonderful fruit salad.  I did not add any extra sweetener.  I didn't add any cool whip or whipped cream.  I just let the fruit stand for about 15 minutes so the juices could mix together and I enjoyed it.

I do so love fruit when I get a chance at it.   Its not often I get to eat rambutons or star fruit or even dragon fruit.  Yummy.  I had a huge bowl of mixed fruit again for dessert tonight.  I bought enough fruit to keep me happy till I leave Friday evening.

There are tons of farmers markets locally but in reality many of the fruits and vegetables are bought wholesale and then sold by the vendors.  Sometimes the vendors sell food instead like malasadas.  I bought some filled with mango cream but they still don't match up to the quality of Leonard's Bakery.  Leonard's makes the best malasadas.  I just found out they have a store all the way over in Japan!  Imagine that! I need to go over there Thursday morning to pick up a couple before I leave. 

For me, this is like being in paradise.  Yeah.

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