Saturday, January 30, 2016

15 Strange Ice Cream Flavors

   I love ice cream, especially any type of ice cream that has chocolate in it.  As I said the other day, my local ice cream shop tried out asparagus ice cream which was green and looked good but it just didn't appeal to me so I didn't even try it.  The other night I did a search for the strangest or weirdest flavors of ice cream and I found some doozies.

I will admit that none of these really appeal to me but they are quite popular where they are made.

Ice Cream Sundae, Ice Cream, Ice1.  Crocodile egg ice cream is made using crocodile eggs instead chicken eggs and is found in the Philipines.  The owner said the crocodile eggs are surplus from the local crocodile park.

2.  Coronation  chicken ice cream from England.  It was created to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. 

3.  Octopus ice cream from Japan.  Apparently its all the rage over there.

4. Haggis ice cream.  It is made with that dish from Scotland.  The shop also makes a yorkshire pudding flavor and sausage and mash.  None the the three appeal to me.

5.  Horse meat ice cream which has pieces of raw meat blended into the ice cream. This is another flavor from Japan.

6.  Creamed cod ice cream that is made to look like the fish in fish and chips and is actually fried.

7.  Spaghetti and cheese ice cream from Venezuela.  It is a cheese flavored ice cream with strands of spaghetti mixed in.  No pasta sauce involved.

8.  Bourbon and cornflakes ice cream from San Francisco.  Its referred to as the secret breakfast.

9. Cicada ice cream made in Missouri.  The cicada are mixed with chocolate and sugar before being added to the ice cream.

10. Bone Marrow ice cream from Portland.  It has smoked cherries mixed in to blend with the marrow flavor.

11.  Ham and Cheese ice cream found in Venezuela.  It has both flavors mixed in to create the sandwich experience.

12. Foie Gras ice cream from France.  It has gained enough popularity to stay on the menu

13. Lobster ice cream comes from a shop in Maine.  The bits of buttered lobster are mixed throughout the ice cream.

14. Lox ice cream with lots of nice pieces of lox that you usually find on bagels.

15. Grass ice cream made with edible grass and found in Queens New York.

There were a couple of flavors that I found so gross, I couldn't stomach adding them to this list.


  1. I'm a vegetarian. Frankly, they all sounded disgusting to me. In German they have a bright blue ice cream called Smurf ice cream. It has no flavour; it's just blue.

    1. I am also a vegetarian and I agree but they do fit the criteria of weird. I'll stick to my usual more mundane flavors.

  2. WOW! The only one that I would like to try is the Bourbon and cornflakes ice cream. And that's a maybe, because I am a recovering alcoholic. Go figure! Excellent list though.

    1. Yeah. I hope that one uses only the flavoring and not the actual alcohol for the Burbon part.