Friday, January 29, 2016

No Way!

Vienna, Austria, Building, Door  I often read the odd news on the UPI site.  Some of the news can be informative, other pieces can be "What?" while others are just down right funny.

One headline told us that the  police kicked  in the door of an opera singer after they mistook his singing as screaming.  Yes, you read that right?  Singing that sounded like screaming!

The event took place the other day in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  According to the article, police dispatch received a report of a man screaming in terror.  The caller indicated it might involve domestic violence.

When the police responded, they heard what sounded like screams of agony from the apartment in  question.  they knocked on the door as is standard procedure but no one responded so being concerned, they kicked the door in only to find.........

The singer wearing headphones while attempting to sing along with his music.  He never even heard the police knocking, or his door being bashed in.  Talk about being surprised.  The only thing the singer was guilty of was bad music.......LOL.

The next head line that made me laugh took me to a forest in New Zealand where a hunter shot down an airborne camera drone.

According to the article, the drone operator was attempting to get pictures of the forested area.  At the time, he was sharpening his ability to keep the drone still so the shot would no look like someone was driving along a bumpy road.  It was at this point an unidentified hunter hidden in the forest shot the drone down with a high powered rifle.

The owner managed to film the event using both the gopro camera mounted on his head and the flying drone.  Although the drone was shot, it was repaired and the owner will be able to use it again.  The hunter was never found but it appears the shot was made from the hills above where the drone was flying.

The owner named his drone "Termy" after the Terminator because he was able to repair the drone.

Since this article hit the newspapers, the video has been posted on Youtube so if you are interested in seeing the event, check it out.


  1. Oh my goodness Lee, I wonder what would happen if they had heard my voice in the shower!!! there are some funny things that happen in this world and it is good to have laugh occasionally. Have a great week!

    1. It gave me a great laugh when I first read it. My neighbor loves putting music on so loud I hear it and then sings as loud as she can. I have a pair of earplugs handy.