Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Really Hate.......

 This past Thursday evening, I flew into Anchorage to attend a technology conference. Yes, it has been awesome with all the programming, robotics, and all those other wonderful geeky topics. 
 Kleenex, Tissue, Paper Towels, Clean
Unfortunately, by last night, my nose started running.  Every time, I got comfortable enough to sleep, my nose clogged up and I had to get up, blow my nose and try again.  All night long, it went that way.  I hardly got any sleep.  I didn't feel too bad but the first thing I went for after breakfast was some sort of cold medicine.

I don't know the area, I don't have a car but I was lucky enough to discover the hotel across the street carried some stuff.  Yes I bought it and popped it all day long.  At the end of the day, I went over, picked up something for dinner and then took a short nap for a couple of hours.

I realize I should stay in bed and sleep all night but I am like a kid on Christmas eve.  I'm afraid, I'll miss something important.  Tomorrow, I'm going to learn about creating apps in Swift, more about google classroom and so many more exciting topics.

I don't want to miss anything.  Which is why I stuck around so late rather than go back to my hotel room to sleep.  I hate being sick under normal circumstances but I hate it even more when I'm on the road.  I can never get enough orange juice, enough sleep, or enough of my routine designed to help me get better faster.

I assume I am not the only one who hates getting sick while traveling.  I know we all have our list of things we do to get better fast so we are not stuck in bed, even when we really should stay there.

I love drinking hot peppermint tea but I don't have access to any.  The fumes keep my nose cleared up.  I alternate with honey flavored black tea which helps make me feel better overall.  I love sleeping by I always seem to have way to much to do.

Please let me know what you do when you get sick on a trip and how you keep from having to miss important conferences.  I know we all have it happen, so share your secrets.

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