Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New thoughts

Screen, Umbrella, Red, Drawing, Image  I've recently been reading up on something called a growth mindset.  This basically means you change your mindset from "I can't" to "I can" by looking at things differently.  Instead of seeing it as too hard, perhaps you look at it as you are missing something in your understanding.

I've always thought I could not draw in any way shape or form so I've never thought of myself as an artist.  The other day I doodled a bit and actually liked the flower I drew.

As today is the first of the month, I always look for e-books on sale so I can stock up on them.  This time, I looked at and purchased art technique books.  I can tell you I am not going to so anything about them right now because I do not have the time but I can read them here and there just to learn more about the techniques.

I've found books on acrylic, drawing, mixed media, and other techniques.  I'm even looking at a book on making your own supplies.  I just want to learn more about art and learning to express myself creatively as a way of fulling a desire I have. I've always wanted to draw a dog which actually looked like a dog instead of a mutant horse. 

My kids used to laugh hysterically when I tried to draw anything.  I have a cartoon bird which looks good but nothing out.  I even found a couple apps which teach you to draw certain characters.  Yes.

Right now, I can recreate historical gowns complete with corsets and petticoats.  I can do it without a pattern or with.  I can pleat, make bows, create beautiful trim out of ribbon and other supplies but when I draw, I suck.  Another thing I want to become passable is to draw clothing on figures.  In regard to that, you down load a body from the internet to draw your clothing creations on.

I may never be a Picasso or a Grandma Moses but that does not mean I can't do it for myself.  For the pure joy of it.  No one ever said that we have to be great at anything, especially if we discover a passion for it.  What do you think.

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