Monday, September 24, 2018

12 Weird Addictions

Valentine'S Day Chocolates Candy Heart Lov At some point in our lives, we've heard of people who are addicted to things like chocolate, exercise, tanning, cigarettes, etc but I stumbled across some really weird ones.  Ones I'd never heard of or even imagined existed.

I plan to share about 12 of those that I've found and some are absolutely gross but these people must have their addiction satisfied.  Be warned that some of the addictions are downright unhealthy while others are quite dangerous.

1.  Eating cat hair.  There is a woman out there who began licking her cat and soon became addicted to eating the cat hair that came loose.  She's been doing this for quite a while.

2.  Drinking urine.  Another woman is addicted to drinking her own urine.  She has consumed over 900 gallons of the liquid in the past four years.

3. Eating drywall.  In another place, there is a woman who is slowly eating through the walls in her house because she must eat it.  Her house has large chunks of missing walls due to her addiction.

4. Eating toilet paper.  One woman out there must eat up to a roll of toilet paper each day.  She loves the smell and taste of the product so much, she must consume some every single day.

5. Snorting baby powder.  16 years ago, a woman developed an addiction to snorting baby powder.  As of this year, she snorts up to ten times each day. I realize its not a "drug" but she has a craving for it.

6. Eating glass.  There is a man out there who loves to eat glass from glasses or lightbulbs.  He says he has eaten at least 100 glasses and 125 light bulbs.

7. Drinking nail polish.  How about the woman who drinks five bottles of nail polish every single day.  She says the blue nail polish has the best flavor and the ones with glitter are great. 

8. Eating husbands ashes.  Talk about love after death, there is a woman who eats a few ashes of his cremated body every day.

9.  Eating mattress stuffing.  There is a woman who has to eat mattress stuffing every single day. She's eaten the stuffing out of her mattress so now she is eating the stuffing in her mother's mattress.  Wow.

10.  Drinking gasoline.  There is a woman who must have her daily drink of gasoline even though she knows she could die or be hurt from it. 

11.  Chewing on dirty baby diapers.  There is a woman out there who must chew on dirty baby diapers.  When she became addicted to them, she didn't have any children and had to steal them from others.

12. Plastic surgery.  There are quite a few people out there who have had plastic surgery on their faces or bust because they were never satisfied with their looks.  Most notable is the woman who felt the need to look like Barbie - the doll or wanted to look like a cat.  Others are never satisfied with the size of their bust and want it made large, and larger.

I left out the ones where people are addicted to drinking blood, having lots of inflatable friends, or are in love with their car or other mechanical item.  Honestly, I think the people who have these types of addictions need a bit of professional help because those addictions are not healthy or normal.

I came across a show called "Strange Addictions" on Amazon prime and it triggered that morbid fascination we all have when we see something like that.  Its not a show I will watch but yes it did make me want to check it out due to the "ughhh" factor.

You are welcome to let me know what you think of these.  Have a great day.


  1. Some of these are so interesting but a bit weird. My son likes watching that show.

    1. I didn't include the really weird ones that I thought were inappropriate. Thank you for visiting