Monday, September 10, 2018

You Insured Your What?

House Insurance Protect Home Care Safe Han  If I asked you what you insure around your house, you'd say your car, your house, possibly your cell phone or digital devices, your life, and your health.  Then I remembered one of my relatives talking about Betty Grable insuring her legs for one million dollars each.

Think about it. She was earning over $300,000 per year being the pinup lady for military personnel so she protected her legs.

I wondered what else has been insured by people, besides the usual legs, hands or fingers for musicians and models, voices, eyes, etc.  Now for the unusual type of insurance one can purchase.

1.  An employer in the United Kingdom can purchase insurance against the possibility of two or more employees winning the same national lottery at once and quit at the same time.  Since it must occur when the two employees win under the same drawing, the odds are very much in the insurance company's favor.

2. The television show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" has insured their show against a contestant winning the actual million dollar prize.  This way if anyone wins, the prize money does not come out of their pockets.

3. Lloyd's of London issued one of the most expensive insurance policy for the world's largest cigar.  It is 12 feet long, made of more than 15,000 tobacco leaves.

4.  Over 10 million dollars worth of Alien abduction insurance has been issued.  It is possible to write the policy so you get more money if you are frequently abducted but you have to provide proof that the abduction occured.

5. The Cutty Sark Company has offered a 1.5 million dollar reward to any who brings the Lockness Monster to them alive.  They purchased an insurance policy which will pay the money should anyone capture the monster.

6. An Australian cricket player has insured his mustache for $400,000 because he feels his handlebar mustache is his trademark.

7.  Singer Tom Jones believes his chest hair is his best feature so he's insured it for several million dollars.  His image is that important to him.

8. Many wine or food tasters have insured their ability to distinguish flavors as a way of protecting themselves.  Some have decided their ability is worth millions of dollars.

9. Even Abbot and Costello took out a $250,000 insurance company against the possibility of splitting up during their first five years.

10.  A travel company back in the 1980's took out insurance against any client being hit on the head by a falling coconut.  Yes, one girl was hit and the insurance company had to pay up.

11.  A company in the United Kingdom is now offering insurance against a zombie apocalypse and any resulting cleanup needed.

12.  A photographer took out an insurance policy against the possibility of his number one model marrying.  She eventually married but only after the policy expired.

13.  What about a policy insuring you against being hit and killed by the falling "Sputnik".

So many things you can buy insurance to protect from crossed eyes to being hit on the head by a coconut.  Wow!

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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