Friday, September 27, 2019

Best Places to Visit in October.

Bench, Fall, Park, Rest, Sit, AutumnOctober is coming with Halloween and some people take their holidays this month because they want to avoid the crowds.  There are some great places to visit in October that are better than any other time of the year.

1.  Check out Darjeeling, India, the same place they grow Darjeeling tea.  October is the end of monsoon season, the rain and fog disappears so the Himalaya's appear as their majestic self.  It is a great time to spot Mount Everest along with several other mountains.  This is the place to enjoy Victorian teas or ride a local steam engine.

2.  There is Vienna, Austria to check out, famous for its urban vineyards in addition to its imperial palaces and musical history with people such as Mozart and Beethoven.  It's easy to take a tram to the outskirts of town to watch the grape harvest at different vineyards.  There are designated trails to follow which will take you through several vineyards with free samples.  The weather is great with mild days.

3.  Hop across the Atlantic to visit Churchill, Canada, known for the number of Polar Bears in the area.  Due to the Hudson Bay freezing, it makes it easier for Polar Bears to travel around the area looking for seals.  It is possible for visitors to take specially reinforced buggies to take tours out for closeup views of the animals.  October is when the largest number of bears are congregating in the area, some even hanging around bus stops.

4.  If Asia is more to your liking, you might check out the Japanese Alps, in Japan.  The trees covering the Alps turn red, gold, and orange creating cascades of color.  The number of people who head for the trails to hike increases but the beauty of the mountains makes up for the traffic.  There are huts spread around for people to rent a private room with a bento box of dinner.  In addition, there are wonderful spas and hot springs sprinkled around so people can relax after a long day of hiking.

5.  Another place to check out in October is the Atacama Desert in Chile.  The desolate scenery is stark but beautiful.  It is so stark, Mars rovers are tested there before they are sent into space.  The good thing is there are fewer visitors heading for this desert, temperatures are more moderate, and its cheaper to visit.  The area has red canyons, steaming volcanoes, erupting geysers, salt flats, and hot springs spread out all over the place.  Due to the lack of water, there are fewer villages which makes it a great star gazing location.

6. Perugia, Italy is a great place to visit during October due to the ten day celebration focused on Baci, a sweet chocolate kiss.  There are cooking classes, exhibitions, and lots of samples.  The Baci comes wrapped in romantic poems and proverbs.  In addition, the town is rich in history, art, aqueducts, and crazy staircases.  

7.  Have you been wanting to visit Hawaii?  Think about going there in October because most of the summer visitors are gone and the winter visitors have yet to come.  Temperatures are nice, prices drop, and rainfall is rather low.  One can check out the Volcanoes on the Big Island at the Volcano National Park, or visit the Orchid store.  Or head over to any of the islands because each one offers something special.  I would suggest you not be in Waikiki for Halloween because it is crowded and so loud.

8.  If you've ever wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands, October is the best time to visit.  Most of the tourists have gone back to work, and its towards the end of the best part of the year to view fish and birds.  In addition, the sea begins to warm up so one can take a dip so you can check out the marine life.

9.  If you hate super crowded places like Tokyo or Seoul, look at Taipei instead.  It has Taoist temples, skyscrapers, night markets, and wonderful shopping malls.  Taipei has wonderful street food where you can get a beer or grilled cuttlefish or if you prefer something more, there are great clubs to visit.  Towards the end of October, the humidity drops, skies clear up so visitors can get a better view of the skyline.  For the adventurous, check out the 230 ft Ferris wheel or the 89th floor of an extremely tall building.

10. Are you looking for some place new?  Check out Vietnam with natural beauty, misty treks, cities including Hanoi with condensed milk flavored coffee and awesome foods.  Hop over to the Mekong Delta with its canals and streams filled with life, or the Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.  The Cafe Apartment has 9 floors in one block filled with mini boutiques and craft coffee stores.  During October, the dry season begins and come November, visitors begin arriving in droves.

These are just ten of many possible places to visit during October.  If you are into traveling in October, check these out.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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