Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Strange Animals

Gharial, Crocodile, Reptile, Ganges

Mexico, Turtle, Swim, Underwater, Nature I adore learning more about nature because many of the creatures are unique.  I remember reading about the naked mole being found.  I had to look it up and realized the adult looked like a new born without its hair and wrinkly, scrunchy skin.

I'd love to share some odd and strange animals with you.  First is the glowing sea turtle found in the Solomon Islands.  Although there are several bioluminescent animals, this is the first bioluminescent reptile found.

This hawksbill sea turtle's shell glows with both green and red bioluminescent.  Scientists think the red glow is caused by biofluorescent algae on the shell.  Scientists are not sure if the glowing is used for communications or for blending in with the reefs.

Animal, Pangolin, Wild, Pangolin
Then there is a Pangolin, a unique mammal found in Africa and Asia.  A pangolin is almost a punch line to the joke "What do you get when you cross an anteater with an armadillo.  A pangolin is covered with a protective keratin shell and has a long tongue designed to pick up ants and termites from the ground.  Unfortunately, it has ended up on the threatened species list because it is caught for its meat and shells.

On the other hand, the tiny emerald glass frog was found in Costa Rica back in 1973.  What makes this frog different than the usual ones is it's underside is clear and you can see the heart and other body parts.  This tiny frog is less than one inch long and quite a jumper.  It also looks a bit like Kermit in shape.

Axolotl, Leucistique, Male, AmbystomaIn Mexico you can see the Axolotal also known as the Mexican Walking Fish.  This actually a type of Salamander found in several different lakes in Mexico.  This creature is black or albino, can regenerate lost limbs, and has lidless eyes.

In Russia, one can find the Saiga Antelope.  This creature has an extremely large nose that is used to filter out dust, and helps regulate it's body temperature.

Then in Thailand, there is a long horned orb weaver spider that has long horn like spines coming out of its abdomen.  It also has eight eyes. Although it is found in fields in Asia since the 1700's, there is not a lot known about it.  Scientists are not sure what the purpose of the spines are but it has been included in an artists book on mythical creatures.

Gharial, Crocodile, Reptile, Ganges Another unique creature is the Gharial crocodile.  It has a much skinnier snout filled with 110 sharp teeth. This animal is only found in waterways in India.  It is estimated there are only 235 Gharials left in the world.

From the Galapagos Islands, one can find the red lipped batfish.  The bat fish has huge red lips, a horn, and kind of a fuzzy skin.  It is quite different in that it walks along the bottom of the ocean rather than swimming.

I love looking and learning more about creatures like this.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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