Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Keeping the Holiday Weight Off.

Christmas Food, Ham, Potato, Food The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is hard for most people because it is the time of year where most people gain weight. According to research, most people gain an average of one pound although it seems like more.  The thing is, this pound is quite stubborn and doesn't want to go away.  After a few years, you've had a weight gain.

Unfortunately, winter is the time when people no longer exercise as much because it gets dark early, the weather gets cold, or we longer hours and get home tired.

The good news is there are steps everyone can take to keep the weight off and stay in shape.  One big thing is to keep moving by exercising, taking long walks, or park your car in the outer reaches of the lot so you have to walk.  If I am shopping at several stores all within a short distance of each other, I park in the middle and make a long circle.  If the weather is bad, head to the mall and make several trips around the mall before you actually start shopping to get some exercise in.

Instead of snacking on cookies, candy, chips, or cakes, indulge in fresh fruits or vegetables because they are healthier for you and you are less likely to gain weight if you are eating healthier foods.  When enjoying a party at someone's house, take less than you want and stop eating when you are full.  Do not eat till you are stuffed.  In addition, eat a healthy snack at home before you go out to a party because you are less likely to eat unhealthy foods or stuff yourself.

Furthermore, if you have the choice of a small plate, use that because it takes less food to fill it.  Take your time eating your food so your body registers its full on less food and you actually enjoy the taste of what you are eating.  If you want seconds, walk around talking to people before you make your decision because it gives your body a chance to determine if it is full.  This can take up to 20 minutes.

Watch the amount of alcohol you drink at a party.  Most alcoholic drinks, including eggnog have lots of calories and it can make us eat more.  Stay in control and drink little if any alcohol at your party.  Last, drink lots of water to keep yourself feeling full so you eat less.

If you are hosting the party, have some baggies or sealable tubs out at the end so people can help themselves to the leftovers to take home rather than you keeping them.  This cuts down on what you have to eat and helps you with your weight.  This is standard practice up here in the bush.  People always take home the leftovers for later to eat.

Remember, even though it is the holiday season, you can do things to help control your weight gain even if you don't always get to the gym.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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