Monday, December 2, 2019

Where To Go In December.

Freezing, Landscape, Frozen, ColdDecember is the month when people plan to travel home for the holidays. I already have my tickets for that and I've squeezed in a trip to Iceland because I want to see it in the Winter.  There are some wonderful places for people to check out during the month of December.

Of course, many people travel to enjoy the holiday spirt, go to warmer places, or just to travel.  Due to my job, I only have a couple times a year I can do this so I choose places on my bucket list.

Cologne, Rhine, Dom, Germany, LandmarkCologne, Germany comes highly recommended due to its Christmas spirt.  There are seven, count them, seven holiday markets spread throughout the city.  There are two you do not want to miss.  First is the Cathedral Market known for having the biggest Christmas tree in the area and next is the Angel's Market where you can enjoy eggnog and watch all the people dressed as angles.  In addition, Santa comes through once a week on horseback.

St Thomas, Virgin Islands, BuildingsIf you prefer a warmer location, check out St. Thomas in the American Virgin Islands.  Since it is associated with the United States, you don't need a passport and at this time of year, most visitors arrive by ship so you can find cheap fares and great deals on hotel rooms. In addition, December is not in the Hurricane season and it's still warm enough to enjoy swimming or scuba diving. Try to plan your trip around December 15th because that is the day of the St. Thomas Lighted Boat Parade where boats are judged on holiday decorations, lights, and originality.

Kinkaku Ji, Snow, Backlight
Although Kyoto, Japan is not normally associated with Christmas, the town has some wonderful celebrations leading up to the New Year.  December is filled with small markets where you can buy ceramics and handicrafts, enjoy seasonal food, and you can visit an enchanted bamboo forest filled with lanterns.  If you can stay over into January, you can experience the bell ringing event on New Years.

Rockefeller Center, New York CityOn the other hand, you can plan a trip to New York City so you don't have to leave the United States. New York City offers holiday window displays people can enjoy as they stroll down Fifth Avenue or head over to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center to enjoy a lap around the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  If you wander down to the subways, you can listen to live performances by the musicians who provide their music.

If you'd rather leave the United States but do not want to go very far, head for Quebec City in Canada because in December the city is covered in snow and resembles the iconic Christmas Village.  With its cobble stone streets and small, densely packed store fronts, you feel as if you'd traveled back win time.  This is the month, the old part of the city is filled with wreaths, carolers, and a real German Christmas Market.  Enjoy all the activities while enjoying hot food and drink from the stores lining the streets.

Of course, one can enjoy Albuquerque, New Mexico with its warmer weather.  On December 7, one can enjoy the Twinkle Light Parade or wait till December 24 to experience the Old Town Luminaria Tour and stop by the Biopark Botanical Garden for its River of Lights which is the states longest walk through a holiday production with tons of sparkly lights.

Antarctic, Animal Life, Wildlife, PolarDecember is the perfect month to visit Antartica.  No it is not cold, or at least winter cold.  Since it's in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer down there and the perfect time to watch Penguin chicks hatch, enjoy whales swimming by and enough ice melts so cruise ships can pass through and people can enjoy trips in the area.  You might also want to enjoy a quick trip in the sea by kayak or even a polar plunge.  Imagine being able to add this destination to your list of where you've been.

Iceland, Reykjavik, HallgrimskirkjaLast but not least is Reykjavik, Iceland with its wonderful shows of the northern lights, a huge Christmas tree, a public skating rink, and 13 Santa's who roam around town.  I'll be going after Christmas and I'll be there for New Year's.  I'll be taking lots of pictures and sharing them with you at the end of the month.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these places.  I hope your December goes well.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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