Friday, January 24, 2020

Keeping The Size of Your Wardrobe Down

Dresses, Apparel, Clothing, ClothesI have a problem, I think many other people have. I have way too many pieces in my wardrobe.  I have so many, I never wear half of what is in my closet.    I am sure many of you have the same problem.  I've started clearing things out by donating them to my local charities but I still have a question of what constitutes a basic wardrobe.

Before you start listing everything, I tend to have only one maybe two dresses because I live in Alaska where it gets too cold in the winter to wear one outside.  I tend to lean towards lots of pants, sweaters, and warm shirts.  I have too many because I can't wear them all and I've changed sizes over the years so some don't fit and I doubt I will ever wear them again.

For a nice basic wardrobe for women, it is recommended you invest in certain basics that can be mixed and matched to create an illusion of a much larger selection.  This cuts costs and makes it so you don't need a huge room to store everything in.  The idea behind such a small selection is that you can layer to create different looks.

As far as tops, it is recommended you invest in a couple of black tank tops because these can be worn under jackets, see through shirts, causal Fridays, or any time you need a little extra under everything. I have a couple tank tops I wear when I travel because they fit under a sweater and take very little room in my suitcase.

One should also have a couple of regular tee shirts because they can be worn tucked into a skirt or pants, worn outside pants, worn under a blazer, or in a pinch, they are great to sleep in.  I enjoy them under sweaters and again they don't take much room if you travel.  In addition, add in a couple long sleeved tee shirts because they can look professional when matched up with pants or a skirt.  Add a blazer or jacket for work.

Finally have a couple of blouses to wear over your tank tops to stay warm or create a nice layered look which when matched with a skirt or pants, it becomes more professional.  On the other hand, when paired with jeans, it gives a casual look with just a small change.

Invest in a couple of light weight sweaters that can be worn over tank tops, under blazers or coats, or by themselves.  When worn with a skirt, it creates one look but when worn with pants you have another look.  The sweaters can be over the head and a cardigan that fastens up the front.  Both provide a different look.  Then add in one little black dress and you've expanded your possibilities because the dress can be dressed up with a bit of jewelry and heels for a night look or use a scarf and plain shoes for a work look.  The dress can be combined with the cardigan or a blazer for a slightly different work.

As mentioned many times, one should have a blazer in the closet because it can be matched with so many other pieces and is extremely practical.  I love wearing a blazer over a tank top when I'm traveling because too many airports are cool and this keeps me warmer.

The final three pieces should be a skirt, pants, and jeans.  The skirt should be one that can go from work, to a night out, to a flirty afternoon event while the pants can look good on a Saturday afternoon at the mall, or at work.  Jeans are jeans but if they are nice enough, they can be worn to a conference when matched up with a tee shirt and blazer.

It is recommended one invest in black, some white, gray, or tan because these colors are easier to coordinate.  I do invest in some brighter colors for my tank tops and long sleeved shirts because they don't take much room and go with black quite easily.

Now for shows, it is good to have a pair of sandals, casual shoes, work shoes and dress shoes to match up with various looks.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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