Friday, October 23, 2020

Why Use A Facial Cleansing Brush?

Someone close to me gave this small, round, soft bristled brush to use when I cleanse my face.  I'd never seen it before but I tried it and I love using it.  They are so soft, it feels like you are treating yourself to something special.  

Facial cleansing brushes do more than one thing in that they exfoliate, polish, while improving your skin.  I've been using one regularly and it has helped keep my maskne down so my skin stays clear. 

There are so many reasons one should make them a part of your regular routine.  First, a good cleansing brush will help clean the dirt and oil out of your skin better than your hands or a washcloth because the bristles reach down into your skin a bit further, loosening the debris.  A facial brush helps remove more dirt and oil so your skin is cleaner.

Normally, your skin renews itself about every 28 days but when using a cleansing brush it speeds up the cycle.  In addition, it helps tighten facial skin so pores shrink and become less visible to the naked eye.  The brush also stimulates the skin's surface to that it becomes smoother and more radiant.  Furthermore, the brush causes the skin to detox by stimulating the body's ability to transport cellular waste to the blood to be eliminated.

Another advantage to using a cleansing brush is that it preps your skin so it absorbs moisturizer and serums better making your skin healthier.  Unfortunately, these brushes have gotten a bad reputation and consequently several myths have developed.  Some people believe that facial brushes irritate the skin causing it to break out.  One thing to remember is that a person needs to remove makeup  before using a cleansing brush because the brush cannot remove makeup completely.  

The belief that a cleansing brush can cause people to breakout is because some people go through a period of adjustment where they do break out but that does pass.  It is important to use enough water and cleanser on the brush to cut down on the amount of irritation that might occur.  I use lots of water and foaming cleanser and have never experienced any breakouts other than from wearing a mask so much.  Some think a facial brush is not good for acne but in reality it can help keep the extra sebum which increases acne breakouts.

Other people believe they cannot use a brush due to having sensitive skin but one doesn't have to use a brush every day.  It can be used one or twice a week and used with a cleanser the person has been using since the skin is used to it already.  People also believe a facial brush can spread bacteria around which it can if one does not clean the brush after every use.  It should also be soaked in alcohol but not rinsed  once a week to kill any bacteria growing on the brush. Finally air dry the brush.

It is thought that cleansing brushes can bet quite expensive but you can find some that are reasonably priced.  My first one ran $8.00 on sale from Wal-Mart but my current one I think ran about $10.00 from Amazon.  Facial brushes also come in a variety of types from thick brushes, to fine, to ones made of silicon.  I use one with lots of soft bristles that feels like it's caressing my face.

Finally, be careful when choosing a cleanser to use with the brush.  One should select a gentle cleanser in gel, cream, or foaming for best results.  If a person uses a cleanser meant for exfoliation, it could cause damage.  Personally, I adore my brush and will continue to use it till it dies.  I'm glad I made it a part of my routing. I feel that my skin is so much better since I started using it.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  

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