Friday, July 30, 2021

How To Handle Your Changing Skin Tone In The Summer.

For many people, summer is a time to enjoy the heat and get a sun tan.  You start the summer with a lighter shade due to being inside all winter and by the end, your skin is darker and definitely a different shade.  Sometimes, you need a darker shade of foundation, other times, you have a beautiful splattering of freckles spread across your face.

If you've been spending time out in the sun and your skin tone has changed, be aware that your skin is probably dehydrated so you have to attend to that first before you apply your foundation. Start with a hydrating serum or intense moisturizer to hydrate your skin so your foundation looks smooth and natural rather than dry and cakey.  

Don't bother with a foundation because the foundation will tone down the bronze of your natural tan.  Rather than using a foundation, use a concealer to cover any imperfections.  If you want more coverage, look to a tinted moisturizer to provide a bit of color. If you use a tinted moisturizer, look at using a BB or CC creme.  Make sure to apply a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. 

With a tan, you want to go with a lighter eye shadow because it won't weigh your eyes down as much as a darker color. Look for pale pink, or a peach because these colors will open up the area around your eyes while making your skin tone look better.  In addition, the pale pink or peach colors make your face look more awake.

Furthermore, you want to keep that glow associated with a tan rather than burying it.  Head for the cheek area and make sure you've moisturized it before applying highlighter to the cheeks so they glow even more.  When you apply the highlighter apply it to only the high points of the cheek so it looks more natural.  If you choose to use a blush, look at using a rose or coral shade to add more color to your face but if you select a golden shade instead, it will make you glow a bit more. 

To finish the look, apply a nice bright lipstick in red, orange, or coral so you are making a statement.  These colors tend to make your face look more radiant and blooming.  You want the open, blooming look, rather than dimming the tan.

Be aware that if you spent the summer getting a tan, your skin might be darker than it was in the spring so when fall arrives, you are going to need a new shade of tan, otherwise your tone won't look as natural.  On Monday, I'll be looking at fake tans and what to do if you mess up and it turns into a disaster.  Fake tans are great if you don't want to expose your skin to too much sun but prefer to keep the fair skin.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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