Wednesday, February 2, 2022

10 Different Types Of Blush


Blush, the nice color your face takes on when you get slightly embarrassed or the makeup item you apply to add a bit of color.  My mother always wore a blush that was way too red so she looked as if she had a nice red dot on each cheek. Blush is a great addition to your evening makeup routine because it both covers up and completes your night time look.

Since there are 10 different types of blushes, it is important to know about them so you can choose the correct type for your situation.  

The first one is the gel blush which is a great way to add glow to your face. It tends to be a bit thicker than other varieties because it has a gel like constancy and it is good for both oily and dry skin because acts as a moisturizer.  Gel blushes are great for summer use because it tends to stay on better during those warm days. You need to apply it with your fingers since a brush won't work and it needs to be smoothed and blended in.  The biggest problem with gel blushes is that they don't show up on darker skin tones as well. 

Second, is the soft shine shimmer blush.  It has a lot of shine so it must be applied carefully and if you put too much on, it can look like you have lights on your face. Apply the blush with a large brush and gradually build up layers to get the right look.  This blush is designed to be worn daily but is more for the office or a meeting rather than to the playground. 

Third, is the glittery shimmer blush which is similar to the last one but requires more care in its application because it has glitter.  When you apply it, do so slowly and carefully since glitter is so hard to remove. This one is not created to be worn everyday.  Instead, use it for a night out or a fancy party when you want to glow.

Fourth is the cream blush.  Due to its constancy, it can also work as a moisturizer and is recommended for dry skin. It is should not be used on oily skin because it could look too greasy. Since it is a cream blush, it won't be as shiny as other blushes but it often has a nice fresh glowing finish. In addition, it is not an all day blush, so it has to be reapplied since it only lasts between 5 and 6 hours.  The nice thing about a cream blush is that it can be applied either with a brush or a finger. The best way to apply it is by layering it, using a light layer each time to build up the color and look..

Fifth is the powder blush which is more of a traditional blush. This one provides a very natural glow with a few strokes of the brush.  In addition, the powder blush comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose a brighter color or even go with a more radical look.  Furthermore, the powder blush lasts for about seven to eight hours, or basically a full work day.  Since it is a powder, might clog your pores.  It is a great option for day time use and for the summer

Sixth is a tinted blush which is a great way to have the color stand out a bit. This type of blush tends to last a long time since it not the easiest to remove. One of the hardest things when choosing a tinted blush is to find the right color. Due to the intensity of the color, it must be applied delicately with your finger or a brush but be warned, it is quick drying.

Seventh is a cheek stain which is similar to a tinted blush but it is more like a paint when applied and the color is quite strong.  For that reason, you should only use a little cheek stain, and apply it very, very lightly adding more if needed. Thus it is extremely important to select the proper color the first time.  Furthermore, cheek stains dry extremely fast so it needs to be blended in before it can dry. 

Eighth is the stick blush makes application easy because it is in a tube and doesn't need a brush since you apply it straight to the face but you might need to use a finger to blend it properly.  It is similar to a cream blush in consistency and texture. The stick blush is great for dry skin or during the winter because it helps moisturize the skin. It can be used in the summer but if you leave the stick in the car, it could melt. 

Ninth is the liquid blush which is a liquid you can paint on with a brush or in a type of stick. Since the colors can be strong, you need to apply it using a bit of discretion but it can be easily blended with your fingers or easily removed. Like other types of blush, you want to use a light layer so it doesn't clog your pores or look wrong.

Finally, are the mixed blushes is actually when you mix two or more types of blush to create the color and look you want. This allows you to elevate the look after a day at the office so you look flashier when you go out, or to make it a bit more subtle should you need it. 

No matter which type of blush you use, remember to apply it with a light hand and with the proper color so it looks natural.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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