Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Korean Face Masks - Do They Work?

Korean face masks are those liquid saturated sheet masks you put on your face for 20 minutes with the idea that when you are done, your face is hydrated and looks great.  I use them because they make me slow down since I tend to have difficulty just relaxing. I've tried other types like mud, clay, and the ones that kind of dry on your face that you wash or peel off and didn't like them.

I found these and tried them because they didn't dry on my skin.  When I took the sheets off, I liked the way my skin looked and felt so I began using them regularly.  I wondered if my skin really absorbed the liquid or if it was my mind "seeing" it better.

A Korean face mask is also known as a sheet mask.  It is a single layer cotton material with places for your eyes, nose, and mouth and soaked in a liquid filled with all sorts of skin friendly ingredients.  The mask rests on the curves of your face while distributing the moisture better all over your skin.  It also provides a barrier between the skin and the air because most of the time when you put something on your face, it evaporates but the mask stops this from happening as quickly.  The 20 minute time period, they say you should leave the mask on is the same time necessary for the nutrient rich liquids to penetrate your skin 

This means that the masks provide limited and temporary benefits to the surface of your skin.  Since the masks provide the moisture necessary to keep yours skin soft and subtle so it resists damage better.  It also encourages both elastin and college development in the deeper layers and helps filter out damage from environmental factors such as UV rays, dust, dirt, etc.  

The amount of moisture from these sheets can make your face look smoother and fill in the finer wrinkles but it cannot get rid of deep wrinkles because the moisture does not reach down that far.On the other hand, they are good for giving your skin a temporary glow or boost.  In addition, these sheet masks are wonderful when used on sensitive skin, irritated skin, or skin that has been exposed to too much sun. 

When you are shopping for a face mask, look for ones labeled hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and free of dyes and parabens to avoid any issues due to sensitive skin.  You don't need one with esoteric ingredients. In addition, it is important to know how any over the counter or prescription medications can either react with the ingredients or cause your skin to change a bit.  Some medications alter the thickness of your skin while others can make your skin super sensitive. Ask your doctor what any medications do to your skin.

If you want to use a mask, make sure you've cleaned all the makeup, dirt, or residue by washing your face with a gentle cleaner and warm water.  The warm water causes your pores to stay open so your skin absorbs the nutrients better.  

Korean face masks do provide some benefits and make up part of a really great facial care routine.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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