Monday, March 28, 2022

Trends For Spring 2022


We've hit the point of the year when winter transitions to summer, the snow melts and flowers spring up, and the weather gets nicer.  As always, there are trends happing in the beauty world so we'll look at a few today so your up to date on much of what is happening.  

One thing that is continuing into spring of 2020 is choosing a more minimal look with less foundation, selecting makeup products that benefit the skin, and having a more fresh face. As far a products, people are going after ones that hydrate the face, brighten the skin, and make it healthier.

Next is choosing a blush that provides a sheer layer of color that is bold enough to make a statement but doesn't overpower the skin tone.  You might want to check out a more purplish blush to create a natural looking flush with just enough color but not too much.

When you next buy lipstick, go after a glossy type because glossy lips are in.  Don't worry as manufactures have changed the formulas so your hair no longer sticks to your lips and the gloss won't get sticky.  Choose one that hydrates your lips, adds a bit of color, and keeps your lips nice and soft. Finish the lips off with a brown lip liner for emphasis.   

Where the pizzaz comes in is with adding a bit of glitz to your makeup in the form of crystals, pearls, and gems.  When you attach these all over your eye lids, you won't need to use eyeshadow.  You can use a line of pearls across your eye lids, or gems in the corner of your eyes. Add the glitz and you'll capture people's attention.

If you prefer to wear eyeshadow, look for the metallic ones to add a shimmer to your eyes.  Colors range from subtle shimmers to bright metallics that call attention to your eyes.  Choose from liquid eyeshadows that can easily be blended to the powder ones that provide a bit of shimmer. 

People have moved back to a more natural brow so they don't stand out. For the best look, choose a mechanical brow pencil, to fill in and define your brows.  The mechanical pencil will help you achieve the perfect arch so your brows complete your look.

Then think about making your eye lashes big and voluminous as they emphasize your look. They also make your eyes look bigger so make sure your mascara will provide that look. Don't forget to add a graphic liner to add emphasis.  Graphic lines allow you to add color and or create geometric shapes around the eyes. Think of perhaps creating the classical cats eye look. 

Follow these ideas and you'll be trending this spring with the latest looks.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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