Friday, August 12, 2022

What Clothing Should You Pack When Traveling For Fun Or Holidays.

If you wonder why I'm covering topics on traveling, its because I am on a three week trip that took me from Alaska, to Los Angeles, to Australia, and right now, I'm in Auckland, New Zealand.  I have one suitcase,  my backpack, and a small bag for electronics.  My suitcase usually has lots of space available for brining things home.  I tend to buy things like cups, t-shirts, and certain things like tea.  

There are certain things you can do to make long travel stints easier clothing wise, especially if you are going from warm to cooler climates, or want to keep the amount you take down.  

So for the list - 

1. Underwear - usually no more than 5 to 7 pairs of panties so you have enough to make it through a few days if you can't wash them out overnight.  For women, throw in three to four bras so you have enough if you can't wash them out.

2. T-shirts - a few light weight short sleeved and a few more long sleeved light weight shirts.

3.  Pants - if I know I am going somewhere warm, I'll pack up a few pairs of shorts but wear one pair of long pants when I travel so I have them just in case but if I'm going to be going to different climates, I bring those long pants that allow you to unzip the lower part to change your long pants into knee length shorts.  These are dual usage so that I can take fewer pairs and have better coverage.

4.  Shoes, I usually have one pair of all round casual shoes and one pair of sandals.  I wear the shoes when I travel and I throw the sandals into my backpack because it has pocket for shoes.  I usually do not need heels so I don't worry about them.  If you do, they can fit in the suitcase.

5. Jackets, sweaters, etc. - It is always good to think in layers.  I have a sweater I take with me because it is big and will fit over shirts, or light jackets, or under larger jackets.  So I pack the sweater, a fleece jacket, and a waterproof layer such as a light rain jacket so I can mix and match as needed.  Now if I am traveling somewhere I know it will get quite chilly such as Iceland or Sweden in the winter, I take a heavy coat with me that I wear on the plane so I don't have to pack it.  

6. Sleepwear/lounging wear.  I usually throw in a pair of flannels that I can wear when I get to my lodgings after a long trip, sleep in, or wear on a long overnight trip if I choose.  One can bring a matching top to make it a set of pajamas.

7. A small umbrella - I found a small umbrella that opens large enough to operate as both an umbrella or a sun shade depending on the season.  It easily fits in my backpack and is light weight.

8. Toiletry bag - this is for skin cleaning supplies, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, and floss.  I go for travel sized skin supplies like cleanser, moisturizer, etc.  As far as shampoo and conditioner, I use the solid version because they take less room, weigh less, and work well.  I keep my mouthwash in my own travel containers rather than bringing a large bottle.

9. Hair supplies - this is where things can add up space or weight wise.  Most hotels now carry blowdryers, so there is no need to bring one.  If you need extra supplies such as leave-in conditioner, oils, etc, try to bring ones that can be used in multiple ways so there are less to bring.  Ask yourself if you really need to bring the curler/straightener, etc or can you get by with less.  This is one area that it is easy to bring too much that takes up a bunch of space.

10.  Socks - bring a few pair so if you can't rinse them out in the sink, you have a clean pair for the next day.  You don't need a pair for everyday you are gone.  You need socks to wear with shoes or they can be worn with sandals if the temperature drops.

11. Medicines - Don't forget to pack these in your carryon so they are easier to get to.  

12. Bathing suit - Pack one if you are going somewhere warm, where you visit hot springs, or there is an indoor pool at your hotel.  

This is my list of things to take because I travel for fun, not for work so my list is different than if I were traveling for work.  On Monday, I'll talk about ways to pack things to make it easier to bring more in less space.  Over the years, I've learned ways to do it so I can take what I need and still have space in my luggage for everything I want to buy.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

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