Monday, October 2, 2017

A Sweet Tooth.

Elephant, African Bush Elephant  Over the weekend, I posted a picture of an elephant asking for peppermint.  There is a story behind the request.

I've done a variety of jobs throughout my life.  Some jobs were full time, some weekends only, and some are in between everything.

At one point in my life, I worked at a Renaissance faire about two hours south of my house.  I got involved because a chance opened up and I love learning new things.

It was so cool.  I received training in improve theater which helps me in my current job.  I went from actor, to singer, to musician to being the opening act for the morning when people waited for gates to open.

I had a partner I was "married" to.  In the morning, we'd go out among the crowd, he one side, me the other.  I'd go looking for my "husband" to tell him that mother was moving in with us. I had to look for him because he'd gone out drinking the night before and never came home.

I'd harangue him about his drinking, he'd cringe.  I'd inform him about my mother moving in and he'd turn pale.  We had a grand old time as the saying goes.  It was so much fun.  Other times, we'd set up by a business and play or sing to bring people in. 

One of the attractions at the faire, one kids loved, were the elephants.  One elephant had a sweet tooth for peppermint candies.  If she, yes she, smelled a scent of peppermint, she'd lift her trunk and follow the aroma.  She'd follow the aroma till she found the candy.

It didn't matter who had the candy, she'd take it.  She took candy out of a child's hand.  She'd slip her trunk into a man's shirt pocket and steal it.  She LOVED peppermint.  Adults laughed when their candy was stolen, children cried but it didn't stop her.  Once she got the candy, she popped it into her mouth wrapper and all. 

The owner of the elephants moved around the country working various ren faires from January to December.  Its how he makes his living. Yes I have fond memories of those days when I'd spend the weekend camping out and working.  Someday, I'll tell you more.

Have a good day and let me know what you think.

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