Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Taking Wax Buildup off of Linoleum Without Harsh Chemicals.

Floor, Wood, Hardwood Floors  A couple years ago, the guy who repainted my apartment began cleaning the wax buildup off my kitchen floor.  The buildup made my floor grey and dingy.

He started it but only got a small area finished before he had to move on to another apartment.  He did it because I know him well and he thought he'd do something nice while he repainted the house.

So he completed a small area and moved on.  The area was small enough to cover with a small throw rug but I'm kind of OCD in certain areas and I can't stand knowing there is a small white area among the grey kitchen floor, even when covered with a rug.

So I had to work on getting the rest of the wax build up off.  I hate relying on chemical substances to do the job so I checked the internet.  Most of the recipes I discovered contained ammonia or used vinegar but required the use of a scrub brush.  I hate ammonia since its fumes can be dangerous and I am scared to use a scrub brush for fear of scratching the original linoleum.

I found three possible recipes that sound safe but require a scrub brush.  One is using club soda directly on the wax buildup, let soak, then scrub before wiping off.  The second is to mix 1 gallon of vinegar with 1 cup cream of tarter, pour on wax, let soak, scrub and wipe off.  Unfortunately, cream of tarter is difficult to get out here.  The third requires the use of Isopropyl Alcohol mixed in a 1 to 3 ratio with water, pour on, soak, scrub and wipe off.  The final method requires good ventilation.

 I don't like the scrubbing part so  I resorted to using boiling water, paper towels, and a scraper designed for I'm not sure what but not for this.  I pour boiled water on paper towels placed over the area I'm interested in getting rid of wax build up from. I let it set for a while and then scrape the softened wax off.  It is slow but I don't have to worry about trying to ventilate the fumes from my house.

I did find a couple recipes which require a person to mop using a solution either vinegar or baking soda mixed with warm water.  They say if one or two applications doesn't take it all off, scrape the remaining bit off.  I still prefer my plain hot water with patience and a bit of elbow grease.

I'd love to hear from others who have experience taking wax buildup off linoleum floors using safe ingredients.  Let me know please.  Have a good day.

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