Friday, May 4, 2018

Aqutaq and Fry Bread.

This is a beautiful picture of Aqutaq which does not refridgeration but is referred to as "Eskimo Ice Cream."  I have no idea where the English equivalent came from, nor do I know where the description of ice cream came from unless it got its name from the fact the base mixture is white.   This is made by mixing some sort of fat, usually Crisco or Lard with sugar.  It is beaten until it is light and fluffy.  Sometimes they add a bit of water to it to make it even lighter and fluffier. 
The difference between this village and others is they beat in mashed potatoes.  Sometimes they use real potatoes while most times they rely on reconstituted instant potatoes.  The mashed potatoes cut the greasy taste of the fat used in the mixture.  After making sure the base is light and ready, the final step is to stir in the fruits or vegetables.  Today's version had blueberries but I've had it with all sorts of berries, raisins, cooked and chopped up greens, tubles also known as mouse food, and flaked fish.  This dish is often served as part of the meal and every potluck has several versions depending on who made it.
Fry bread is always served with the Aqutak.  The recipe varies according to which family but most of the women start with a base of pancake mix.  They mix eggs with liquid and pancake mix to create a dough which is rolled or patted out.  Once its flat, they stretch it, poke holes in it before dropping it in hot oil to cook. After the one side is brown, they flip it to cook it on the other side.  When its ready, they pull it out and drop it on cardboard to drain before transferring it to a box.  
One family will make it with raisins and cinnamon while another will add a bunch of eggs and others do not use any eggs.  It all depends on who you learned it from.  One women uses a yeast bread recipe for her fry bread so its usually a lot fluffier than those who begin with pancake mix.  She feels its cheating to use the mix.  In general, I like the yeast based one but the cinnamon and raisin one is also quite good.

When its served, they always serve the Aqutaq in a bowl with the fry bread.  If you do not have a spoon, you use the bread to scoop and carrying the mouth watering mixture to your mouth.  When you run out of bread, you scoop it with your fingers and then use your fingers to clean the bowl.

it is always so good.  People will go back for seconds and thirds until it is gone.  I've seen potlucks run out of Aqutaq before any other dishes run out.

I did not include actual measurements because no one measures anything out here.  You start by dumping the pancake mix into the bowl, add liquids, eggs, etc until the mix is just right.  Knead it and begin pinching off balls to roll out and fry.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to local cuisine.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  have a great weekend.  I'm off to have fun.

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  1. I've never seen anything like this before! Sounds really tasty. Saying hi from Janice's Linky Party. Thanks for sharing!