Friday, May 25, 2018

Six Types of Ice for Drinks.

Ice Eiskristalle Snow Iced Crystals Winter  The other night I attended a concert where they played a specially commissioned piece on ice written by a composer in London.  The conductor announced there would be a crack part way through to represent the breaking of the ice.  I was extremely disappointed because the crack they had in no way represented the actual sound. 

 I think they used a clapper to produce a rather wimpy sound.  In reality a sheet of ice that cracks or a slab of ice that slides off the ice burg sound more like a shot than a little clapper.  I guess the composer either never heard ice crack or used poetic license when creating the sound.

Of course, there is more than one type of ice out there and I'm not talking glare ice or black ice which are predominant during the winter in colder climates.  In this case I'm talking about the type of ice you throw in your tea or in drinks to keep them chilled during the summer.

1.  Nuggets or sonic ice is a nugget type soft chewy ice that absorbs the flavor of the drink its keeping cold.  They do not stick together and take a while to melt so they are great for use in food service.  It is often found in carbonated drinks you buy at a convenience store.

2. Ice Flakes are found in snow cones but are also used to keep foods cool in salad bars etc.  The ice itself is soft and flaky and is great when used to transport perishable foods.  It is also used in blended drinks because it blends in wonderfully.

3. Of course the most popular form of ice is the cube shape which is what you see in most drinks and often fill your container with at the motel.  This is the size you find most often including the ones in your freezer.

4. Next is the half cube which is half the size of a regular ice cube and resembles a butter pat.  This type of ice is used in a iced coffee or in certain types of drinks.  Its more often found at restaurants.

5. Another rather popular one is the crescent or half moon shaped ice cube.  It has an advantage over the regular cube in that the cubes do not pack together and liquid flows over them. This means less splash when they are added and they move through the liquid better.

6. Finally, are gourmet ice cubes which resemble small shot glasses.  This type of ice cube is often found a banquets hosted at hotels, and upscale restaurants.  Since it is much slower to melt as compared to the other types, drinks undergo less dilution and the flavor remains much longer.

This is a quick look at the six major types of ice cubes found in drinks from the local 7-11 to upscale restaurants.  I'm saving other types of ice like glare ice for another day.  Have a great day and Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear.

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