Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Landing Back in Civilization.

Nantes, Department Stores, France  I just flew back into town for the summer.  I admit, it takes a few days to readjust to live in the city.  It is so different and its more than its just larger. 

Where I live, there are two stores, both of which are about the same size as convenience stores but they sell everything from food, to bullets, to furniture and clothing.  Both stores have expanded a bit but they are still small at no more than 3000 square feet if that.

There are gravel roads mostly populated by ATV's and snow machines but there are perhaps three or maybe four trucks in the whole village as opposed to paved roads filled with motor vehicles of all kinds. 

I look forward to eating at regular restaurants rather than ordering in from one of two folks who provide either sushi or hamburgers if they are open.  The hamburger place is open only part of the year, usually when there are major tournaments.  The sushi place is open when they feel like it so really trying to eat out here means you go visit someone who invites you to stay for dinner.

Ohhh and the book stores and libraries in town.  We have a library but its the school library where people from the community come in to take advantage of ............ the computers.  Usually, the only ones who check books out are the students.  I've checked the cookbook section and it doesn't have many.  The library in town is much bigger with tons of books available for loan. 

Of course, I'll have to stop through the local bookstore with all its free wifi, coffee shop, and fun.  I miss that out here.  I am also looking forward to internet that is cheaper and works better than what I have out here. Even though everything is melting, my phone calls are still dropping or heavy with static.

I also look forward to leaving at an airport with a terminal, and flights that actually run almost on time.  Most of the flights out of here never run on the published time and is often "delayed" due to weather but I think its more like they do not have enough planes for all the passengers.  Also if one plane can't get out for whatever reason, the rest of the times for that plan are pushed back. 

Its also nice for packages and mail to arrive within a reasonable time.  Out here, it seems to take mail so much longer to arrive, be sorted, and put into boxes.  We do not have street delivery either here or in town so I'm used to going to the post office.

I'm off to enjoy my day.  Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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