Monday, February 24, 2020

Not That Shade Of Lipstick.

Lips, Glossy, Red, Pink, Lipstick, Mouth I occasionally wear lipstick while my mother always has lipstick on, even before she leaves the bathroom.  She believes a women is never fully dressed without her lipstick and foundation but I'm the more natural one.  When I do wear lipstick, I choose a deeper wine shade because the color doesn't pop off my face.

The colors sold are usually shades of pink, red, and orange but sometimes, companies issue other colors that seem garish or completely out of the ball park.  I don't understand why some of these shades were released.  I do have a friend who has blue streaked hair and she wears a blue lipstick and blue nail polish to match.

So now to some of the strange colors.

1.  Gray - in shades from a pale gray to a slate gray to a dark gray but regardless of the shade, the color tends to make the person look more like a corpse.  This color is definitely not recommended.

2. Black - although this is a popular shade within the Goth community and Vampire recreations, it still doesn't look good on people.  Black is often seen as a lack of light and most black lipsticks seem to be lacking a glow.

3. White - has become a thing since Zombies invaded popular culture but when you wear white, your lips disappear and you look ghastly.

4. Tin - in real life looks kind of silvery but as a lipstick, it can make you look sick and is just blah as it doesn't convey excitement.

5. Orange - although orange is easily found, it does not mean it is the match for you.  The problem with orange is that it can easily clash with your skin tone and make you look horrid.  Before buying orange, ask a consultant for help but the one time I tried orange,  I looked like an escapee from the local funeral parlor.

6. Silver and iridescent - these shades sound spectacular but they are hard to match to the rest of your make-up and makes you look scrambled.

7. Pastel Blue - is a light color that looks similar to a light grey but with a bit of color.  It is an odd shade only to be used if you want to look like a space alien, not like a human.

8. Sea Foam Green - is a green that is a funny shade of green.  It has a pastel feel with a reminder of puce to it and it reminds me of the shade associated with a very seasick person.  I would not recommend it.

9 Neon Pink is a shade that can only be worn but certain people and it is  best saved for rave parties where everyone is wild and crazy.

10.  Purple - has limited shades that can be worn by people.  It is suggested people choose a dark purple because the other shades do not look good and again, this color is best worn to a wild party.

11. Yellow - this is a shade that should never been worn because it over shadows your face, making your lips the only thing seen.  Our lips are not lemons or bananas.

As far as the usual shades of lipstick, make sure the shade you choose goes well with your skin and doesn't make your lips stand out so much, people see nothing else.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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