Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What about Green Tea, Dragon's Blood, and Snail Mucin on The Face.

Tea, Hand, Fresh, Green, Leaves, Drying It is interesting what one can find in skin care products today.  Yes, I use products with all of these things because I've heard they are good for me but I had to look them up to determine what they offer when used by people.

I have a toner and a face serum with green tea in them.  According to research, green tea is filled with antioxidants that help counter free radicals from damaging the skin.  Green tea can help improve the tone of the skin, help with it's vitality but it cannot reverse the signs of aging, nor can it eliminate wrinkles. It is recommended one drink green tea in addition to putting it on the face to get the fullest benefits.

Then there is something called Dragons Blood that is being recommended for the face.  Dragon's blood is an extract from several members of the Dragon family.  The red sap is collected from trees and processed into a variety of products including ones to prevent diarrhea. As far as the face, it is said to help keep the face free of damaging bacteria and prevent inflammation.  It is said to encourage the growth of fibroblasts which are an intricate part of your skin cells.

Dragons blood is supposed to provide a protective layer on the skin so that your skin is protected from sun damage and slows down aging while encouraging collagen production.  It is said to boost skin regeneration.  I use some at night to seal in all the other good stuff I've put on it right before bed.

Now for Snail Mucin which is produced by snails.  It is the gooey stuff you see them leave behind them by garden snails but the slime is filled with glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acids, all of which have been proven to be good for the skin.  In addition, this ingredient is considered to have anti-aging property and the mucin seals moisture into the skin and allows the good ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

The people who raise snails for they mucin let the snails crawl across a net from which the mucin is extracted for use in skin care products.  None of the snails are harmed, nor are they just pulled out of the garden, they are raised specifically for this.  I love the products I use that have snail mucin in them.  Since I began using products with ingredients from today and yesterday, I've noticed my skin is looking healthier and younger.

By the way, there are other things that are found in skin care products but I draw the line at using them even though they are said to be good for the skin.  I hesitate to use products with bird poop, whale vomit, sewage extract, horse fat, bird nests, and so many other things.  It is possible I have things in my skin care that I might object to if I knew what they were made of but ignorance is bliss in this case.

I hope these two days have helped you learn more about the good things you should look for in your skin care products.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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