Friday, April 3, 2020

Does Make-up Expire?

Makeup Brush, Make Up, Brush, Cosmetics I grew up with a sister who spent most of the morning getting her hair styled and make-up on so I learned to just brush teeth and throw my hair in a pony tail, otherwise I'd run out of time.

In recent years, I've picked up a bit of make up just to try it out but I still look a bit like a dweeb when I have it on.  I looked at it the other day and wondered if it was still good?  Did make-up really expire or did it have a "use" by date which means it is still good past that point?

It turns out that make-up does have an expiration after which is it not good to use anymore.  The length of usage varies on whether it is eye liner, foundation, etc.  Unfortunately, manufacturers do not put expiration dates or use by dates on make-up so we have to go with some general guidelines.  By the way, on Monday, I'll be going over "Best By" numbers we see on food.

Liquid foundation is usually good for a full year while mascara and eye liner are only good for three months.  On the other hand lipsticks are said to be good for up to two years and compacts are considered good for the same length of time if they are stored properly.

If you want to use these for longer there could be problems.  For instance, as make up ages, the chemical composition can begin to break down so it may not spread as evenly on the skin or the preservatives break down, allowing material to grow on the product.  Even if the makeup is in an unopened container you've had for a while, the contents may not be fresh.  The makeup will still breakdown but in at at slower rate.

Furthermore, if your mascara, eye liner, or eye shadow becomes infected with bacteria, you could end up with conjunctivitis or other eye infection.  It is possible to revive old make up.  If your lipstick is on the old side, dunk it in alcohol before shaving the top layer off.  If you spray your powdered eye shadow or liner with a 70 percent alcohol, you can kill bacteria.

The way to tell if it is time to throw your make up out is based on each type.  If your foundation has started separating or turning a different color, get rid of it.  If your mascara is drying out and flaking or the smell has gone funky, throw it out.  If your lipstick is changing color or the smell has changed, it is time to get rid of it.  Any powders that get a filmy layer on it, throw them out.

There are ways to help these items last longer.  For instance, to keep your foundation longer, don't place your fingers directly on the bottle neck to get the liquid to spread on your face.  Place some on the back of your hand and then use your fingers to place that on your face.  This cuts down on the possibility of bacteria entering the foundation.  If you want your lipstick, or lip gloss to last longer, store it in a nice dry location.  Pencil liners tend to be better because you sharpen them frequently and that is better than liquid liner but for some of us the liquid is easier to use.

One other thing, make sure you clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly so you keep the chance of bacterial contamination down to a minimum.  Finally do not share your makeup with anyone and do not share your brushes.  You want to make sure you have the best experience with makeup.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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