Monday, January 25, 2021

Once Or Twice A Day?


When I was growing up, my mother told me to wash my face with soap and water at bedtime and to make sure I use a good face cream afterwards.  A few years ago, my sister introduced me to Korean skincare and they recommend a person wash their face twice a day while using an oil based cleaner followed by a foaming cleanser. 

I've read articles where they recommend certain mild products be used once a day while others say you need to wash once in the morning to remove the dirt and dust from sleep and once at night to remove your makeup and grime from your daily life.

Well the answer to the question of washing your face once or twice a day is definitely - It depends on you and your skin.  Most people can manage twice a day as long as they use gentle cleansers followed by a good moisturizer but if your skin is super dry, once a day is fine.

Furthermore, if you exercise to the point of sweating, you might want to give your skin a quick cleansing so your pours don't get blocked.  Be warned though, it is possible to wash your face too many times which can dry out your skin. If you suffer from acne, you need to be careful about the cleaner you choose but again, it boils down to what works best for your skin.

The one recommendation I came across again and again, is that one needs to use a gentle rather than a harsh cleaner.  Everyone agrees that people should read the ingredients list to make sure that the cleanser does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, or fragrance.  

Sodium lauryl sulfate is often added to facial cleaners so that it foams.  If your face feels squeaky clean after using a facial cleanser, there is a good chance this is one of the ingredients.  Furthermore, this particular ingredient can significantly dry out skin to the point of causing flakiness because it removes your skins natural oil. This particular ingredient is often found in engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners so it can be quite harsh.

Unfortunately the term fragrance can refer to any one of hundreds of chemicals that can also dry out the skin or cause allergenic reactions, headaches, and more.  In reality, fragrances add nothing to the effectiveness of the cleanser so it is better to look for a fragrance free facial cleanser. Of course, alcohol is often added to thin out thick mixtures and can dry a persons' skin out too much even if it is too oily.  Alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40 and ethyl alcohol break down the natural oils which is something you do not want to happen.

There are five things to look for when looking for a facial cleanser.  First, know your skin type.  Is it sensitive, dry, oily, normal, or combination.  Second, read labels.  Make sure the product purchased is made for your type of skin and for your situation.  If you are inside all the time, you don't want a product designed to remove sweat and oil from someone who works outside.  Third, read labels to make sure the product does not have sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, or fragrance.  Fourth, keep a journal to record the name of the product and how you reacted to it.  Did it make your skin better or worse?  Finally, talk to friends, to salespersons, read reviews, ask questions, so you know more.

I read recommendations on facial cleansers and have even tried some but I have ended up with my list of don't ever use again.  One cleanser based on multiple recommendation, sounded really good.  I tried it but discovered I can't use it because it made my skin breakout in a way it hasn't since I was 16.  I threw it out. I read, I try, and I decide but I found my preferred brand and type and will stick with it.  let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

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