Friday, May 21, 2021

Bee Venom In Skin Care

I came across a new ingredient in face creams as I was shopping for a new bottle.  Several brands included bee venom.  These caught my attention.  According to their claims, the bee venom had some nice side effects such as eliminating or reducing wrinkles.

Of course many creams claim to have ingredients that will reduce wrinkles but not all of them work. The idea is that when you apply anything containing bee venom, the ingredient is supposed to make your skin think it has been “stung” so that it produces more collagen to fix the skin.

In addition, it is said to reduce a type of enzymes produced by exposure to sun, and other environmental issues that decrease the production of collagen and elastin fibers. It also increases collagen protein production and can help cases of acne.  

 I found a study conducted in South Korea which looked at the effectiveness of bee venom on wrinkles. The bee venom had been gathered under specific conditions and tested over a period of time. According to the study, the bee venom decreased the total number of wrinkles, total area, and wrinkle depth. However, the sample size of this particular study consisted of only 22 women so the results may not apply to the general population. 

According to another article in Allure, bee venom is a great way to help eliminate acne because it reaches down below the surface. It is said to be good for both regular and cystic acne. In addition, it is possible to use bee venom with other ingredients without fear of issues.

Dermatologists recommend anyone who plans to use skin care products containing bee venom to conduct a skin test before using.  It is possible to have allergic reactions if you are allergic to bee venom thus the patch test recommendation.

No matter what product you use with bee venom, it is strongly recommended, it be used in the evening as part of your regular routine. This way, it has the best chance of working as effectively as possible. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.  Have a great day.

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