Monday, May 3, 2021

Oils To Hydrate The Hair

Unfortunately, my hair tends to run dry at the ends, especially by the second or third day.  I have to use some sort of oil on my hair to help it be healthier and less dry.  Hair is made up of three layers but it is the third layer that furnishes the natural oils produced by the hair.  It is these natural oils that make the hair shiny and healthy while keeping it from breaking.  Unfortunately, swimming in chlorine, living in a dry climate, use of hot styling tools, or use of chemical straighteners, or perms can dry out the hair.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure hair has enough oils to bring back it’s beauty and bring it back to life.  One way is by using oil either before washing hair or during the week depending on the type of oil.  For instance, coconut oil is a great one to use before washing with shampoo and conditioner but it is best to make sure it is in liquid form before applying to hair.  Let it absorb into your hair for at least 20 minutes minimum but longer is better. 

Other oils that can be used in this way are olive oil, avocado oil, or almond oil.  All of these oils are composed of fatty acids which help repair your hair and can soften it so it looks fantastic. No matter which one you choose to use, take time to comb the oil through your hair before washing it so the strands are all properly covered.

The other class of oils that are good for the hair are referred to as carrier oils.  Normally carrier oils are used with essential oils but are wonderful for the hair.  Argan oil is one which is high in fatty acids and vitamin E and then there is castor oil which can help dandruff while benefiting the condition of the hair.  On the other hand, jojoba oil is filled with vitamins that are good for the hair and so is macadamia nut oil.

Argan oil comes from nuts produced by the Argan oil tree. It is called “Liquid Gold” due to its beautiful golden color but it is recommended people use the organic all natural form since it will not have undergone a lot of processing.  In addition to helping hair, it also provides UV protection from the sun and heat while adding moisture.

Jojoba oil is made from the Jojoba plant. It is similar to the oil naturally produced by our scalp so it doesn’t interfere with our scalps natural production of sebum.  In addition, it is able to penetrate the hair shaft and follicle consequently, it is able to work from the inside out and it moisturises the hair beautifully.

Any of these oils in small amounts can be worked into the hair, allowed to remain for 10 to 20 minutes before being rinsed out.  The other thing one can do with these carrier oils is to use a small amount on the hair and let it remain so hair is looking renewed but not oily.

So if your hair needs a bit extra moisture, don’t be afraid to use any of the oils listed above.  I tend to use argan oil and find it does a great job of moisturising my hair without leaving it greasy and stringy.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.  Have a great day.

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