Monday, November 8, 2021

Digital Perms

I was cruising YouTube and came across digital perms.  I didn't know about them.  My mother was born with baby fine hair and always permed her hair, otherwise it looked horrible.  She did them at home until she discovered the local cosmetology school where she could get a perm for not too much. I don't know if she'd have liked these but I find the whole concept interesting.

A digital perm is a perm created with hot rods whose temperature is regulated by a machine with a digital display.  It is this machine with wires coming out that connect with the rollers.  It looks a lot like the first perm machines from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. It is also known as a "hot perm". In addition, it is called an Asian Perm, Korean perm, or Japanese perms.

In the process, a digital perm combines heat with the use of chemicals to change the chemical makeup of your hair so it produces loose curls instead of tight spiral curls. The chemicals help break the bonds of your hair so they can take a curl that is but in with the hot rollers.  According to what I saw, the resulting waves will last up to a year and look absolutely natural.  A digital perm takes many hours to complete and can be more expensive than the traditional perm.

The process is that solutions are applied to the hair and then it is wrapped in specially designed curlers.  The curlers then are fastened with rubber bands and a small pad is wrapped around each roller.  The curlers are attached to these cords which are connected to a digital display that applies heat.  After a certain amount of time, the curlers are disconnected and taken out, a neutralizer is applied, and the hair is twisted a bit here and there until it is dry and the curl is there.  I will say, the individual processes varied a bit from video to video but the general description I gave was pretty much the same in all of them. One other thing, they do not recommend this type of perm on bleached or damaged hair due to the heat and chemicals.

Now for the more detailed things you need to know about digital perms.  First the amount of time it takes to curl your hair and it's cost is based on the length of your hair, the shape its in, and the type of hair you have such as thin versus thick or course versus fine. It normally takes between two and four hours to complete but it can take longer. As far as price, it is going to run at least $150 and up again depending on the salon and your hair.

Secondly, make sure you want the hairstyle since it will last up to a year or longer.  If you do it and then want to do something else, it will be hard to reverse the process without damaging your hair.  So make sure you want the curl. You will probably experience frizz after having it done because digital perms were originally designed for Asian hair and the heat used may fry your hair.  Be prepared to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize your hair to counter any damage. 

In addition, take time to research the type of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products you will need for curly or wavy hair, otherwise your hair might end up being crunchy and you won't get the frizz under control.  Think about keratin based products since they help your hair. Another aspect to think about is the time you will need in the morning to fix your hair.  There is a good chance it is going to take longer than it did when you had straight hair. 

In order to keep the frizz down, do not run your fingers through your hair since it will only add to the frizz.  Furthermore, you will need to twist sections of your hair as you are blowing it dry with a diffusing hair dryer to keep the curl at its best. 

The best way to keep your curls is to use a curl cream after you wash and condition your hair.  When you dry your hair, dry it at the roots to keep the volume there. When your hair is 70 to 80 percent dry, start twirling sections of your hair as you dry it.  Once your hair is dry, use your fingers or a large tooth comb to smooth the curl and apply oil or serum to keep it from frizzing. 

I think it can be a great thing for someone who really wants curly hair for a long period of time.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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