Monday, November 1, 2021

Nail Buffing

 I have never been one to use nail polish unless I was performing as a Middle Eastern dancer.  Most of the time, I succeed in getting polish on the skin around the nail and I can't keep it on more than about 2 hours before it starts chipping.  I prefer buffing my nails because I get a beautiful shine and my nails look great.  In addition, it is important to bluff your nails before you apply nail polish for the absolute best results.

Nail buffing means you are polishing your nails using a buffing block. The process will smooth out the ridges on your nails, making them feel super smooth, and your nails look so much shiner.  I love the shiny finish on my buffed nails and feel that they look finished without the polish.  In addition, it is said that when you buff your nails once a month, you are keeping the natural oils from building up and leaving a nasty residue on your nails. 

In order to do your nails properly, you need to purchase a four way buffer block that has everything you need. Before starting, make sure your nails are clean but totally dry.  If you wear polish, remove all of it completely before buffing your nails, 

First begin with the coursest side to file down the tips and sides of your nails. Do not file back and forth as this could damage the nails. Instead, file one half of the nail in one direction and the other half in the other direction. Start and the base and file upwards towards the tip for the best results with the least amount of damage. 

Next use the buffing side on your nails to remove the ridges and smooth down the face of your nails. To actually buff, hold the buffer parallel to your nails and stroke it across your nails in an X shape. Do not buff in a side to side motion because it can dry out your nails which leads to damage. For the third step, use the polish side of the block. The fine grit of this side will help remove any imperfections while making them smoother at the same time. Use the same X stroke technique as in the buffing step four to six times. 

Last step is to finish the nails with the shine section which is the smoothest side of the block. Run the block in small circular motions over the nails to make them shiny.  If you are going to apply nail polish after this, do not polish them to a high shine.  If you do, the polish will not last as long but if you are not using polish, feel free to get a high gloss shine.  When you are done buffing your nails finish with a bit of cuticle oil to nourish your nails.

Although your nails look great at the end of the process, do not buff them more than once a month or you could damage your nails while making them brittle at the same time. Always be gentle and try not to use so much energy that your buffing produces heat from the friction.  In addition, Do not press too hard when doing your nails.  I usually stock up on buffer blocks from my local Dollar store unless they are on sale at the local drug store.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  

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