Friday, April 15, 2022

Summer Makeup Trends for 22


It won't be long till we hit summer.  It's already mid April.  Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, and pretty soon it will be warm enough to laze under a tree.  Every new season brings with it, new trends and this coming summer is no different. Now, one does not have to rush out and buy everything new just because the trends change a bit since it is possible to make use of what one already has.

Furthermore, what is going to be trending for summer depends on who you look at so I'll share several possible trends which sound interesting. Some of the trends work well together but there are enough trends to alternate so your look is a bit different each day.

The first trend is smudging your eyeliner so it is not as defined. To get a really nice smudged look, use a black pencil or crayon eyeliner, apply it before blurring it with a nice eye shadow brush. This is a nice alternative to using black eyeshadow and gives your eyes a nice flow look.

Second, change to a nice pastel shade for gentler look. Match the pastel eye shadow with a neutral lip color and clear eyebrow shaping wax for the finished look.  For a different look, use a nice green eyeshadow paired with matching nail polish. We are after a barely there look.  Speaking of brows, when you apply the brow wax, brush the eyebrow hairs upwards so they look longer. 

Add glamour by applying a couple layers of good gold eyeshadow with the smudged eyeliner.  If you want something a bit more, apply one or two  small jewel with eye lash glue to the inner corner of each eye.  If you want a look that is a bit different, try a gold or yellow eyeshadow applied to the lid and all the way up to the brow bone.  Pair it with a nice pink eyeliner  or a sweep of pink eyeshadow along the lash line for something bold but understated. If you don't like smudged eyeliner, use a felt tipped eyeliner to get a nice clear, clean line.  

Try for an overall glow by applying a liquid highlighter over the tip of the nose, cheekbones, shoulders, collar bones, and Cupids Bow so you glow. One way to add shine is to use copper eyeshadow with a bit of bronzer, and a neutral lipstick for just the right look.  Make sure to use a primer under the eyeshadow. To finish the look, use a nice lip liner a couple shades darker than the neutral matte lipstick finished with a clear gloss or choose a warmer coral red shade so your lips stand out. 

These trends are such that you can follow them while using your own twist so you own the look.  Instead of using a pastel green, you might be an emerald person or when you look for a golden eyeshadow, you might choose one that sparkles so you catch everyone else's eyes. Always personalize the trend so you remain true to yourself.  Have fun and enjoy.

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