Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Can You Grow Your Eyelashes Longer?

Everyone wants nice long beautiful eyelashes because it makes us look sexier and it's what is part of the "look" but not everyone was born with decent ones.  If you do a quick search for home remedies designed to help your eyelashes grow longer, you'll find a ton.  There are suggestions such as massaging shea butter or castor oil into the lashes, lemon juice, green tea, or some other liquid but in reality none of them work.

However, there are some serums out there that do work but there are things you need to do yourself to help your lashes stay healthy.  

Remember, lashes grow at a rate of 0.15 mm per day to a length of about 7 mm. So it takes one to two months for your lashes to grow to their full length. However, sickness can slow down the rate of growth but no matter what, there are some things you can do.

First of all, select a mascara that is easy to remove.  Although the waterproof ones stay on forever, they are so hard to get off and are hard on your eyelashes. In addition, choose a gentle makeup remover so it doesn't damage your lashes.

If you use the lash curler regularly, please think about discontinuing its use because those lash curlers can damage your eye lashes. It is recommended that one add biotin supplements to your diet to help strengthen them. Furthermore, if you enjoy wearing false eyelashes, be careful when removing the adhesive because it can cause long term damage to your lashes. 

Not ever serum on the shelves at the store help your lashes. You need to look for bimatoprost or Latisse in the ingredients list because it has been clinically proven to help your lashes grow longer, thicker, and darker and is the only FDA approved ingredient for this use. The way it works is to keep the lash follicle in it's growth phase so they last longer and it is considered the gold standard for helping lashes grow. 

Many products claim to make your lashes grow longer and thicker but they are classified as a cosmetic so their claims have not been evaluated. As mentioned earlier, all home remedies have not be shown to be effective in growing your lashes out.  Instead, it is recommended you brush your eye lashes regularly and clean off any makeup daily.

In addition, some products make your lashes look great while you use it but as soon as you stop, your lashes become weaker, fall out, or other harmful effect because it contains harmful ingredients. Instead of just pulling something off the shelf, talk to your dermatologist for suggestions.  

If you don't feel like trying to find something that works, look at using a good mascara, use false eyelashes, or eyelash extensions to get the lashes you want.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

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