Monday, April 25, 2022

Other Reasons To Eat Healthy

On Friday, we looked at eating certain things so you'd have great skin but there are other reasons to eat properly and we'll be exploring those today.  When I talk about healthy, I am referring to food that is not processed or preserved. 

In fact, the best diet involves lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, low or no fat dairy products, using good oils such as olive or avocado oils, and eating fish, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

Eating well can help people live longer because it helps people control their weight, prevent certain diseases, and help your bones stay strong.  So lets look at these in more detail.

First, eating well makes it easier to maintain a good weight because you do not develop a craving from foods high in sugar or fat.  In fact, a good diet combined with exercise can help you lose weight or at least keep from gaining additional pounds.  

Next, a good diet can help you avoid certain diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart problems, or osteoporosis.  A diet high in fiber can help your body slows the absorption of sugar which lowers your blood sugar levels.  It also interferes with the absorption of fat or cholesterol found in your diet.  It helps regulate your blood pressure, and you eat less because fiber rich foods make you feal fuller and provide you with lots of energy.  

It is also good at preventing high blood pressure and heart disease.  When you eat properly, it is possible to prevent up to 80 percent of premature heart disease and strokes diagnosis.  Furthermore, a good diet can reduce your blood pressure which cuts down on the possibility of experiencing heart disease. 

In addition. if the foods are high in antioxidants, they can help protect your cells from damage and decrease your chances of getting cancer. Include dark leafy greens, berries such as blueberries, pumpkins and carrots, and nuts and seeds to make sure you get enough antioxidants.

There is evidence that you will have a better mood if you eat a good diet and a good diet also encourages good gut health.  Certain bacteria in your system produce vitamins K and B which help the colon.  In addition, bacteria can also help your body fight harmful bacteria and viruses so you stay healthier. It is important to have lots of fiber and little sugar and to have certain fermented foods such as sauerkraut, Kim Chi in your diet for these bacteria to thrive.  

Researches are finding that a good diet can also benefit your memory so it doesn't decline as much, and it helps you lose weight and then maintain a proper weight. In addition, a good diet helps you maintain strong teeth and bones so you don't suffer from osteoporosis.  

So with just a bit of planning, it is possible to have a good diet full of all the nutrients you need and low in fat so you live a nice long life.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great week.

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