Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Choosing Accessories

 In order to have the perfect capsule wardrobe, it is necessary to have the right accessories.  Accessories are an easy way to either spice up your outfits or change the look with a few small items. They are chosen to complement and complete the outfit. Accessories can be footwear, handbags, jewelry, hair accessories, belts, or gloves, hats, and scarves.

Let's look at each type of accessory individually.  Normally, one might consider neutral footwear in black or brown, it is possible to elevate the outfit with a bit of color but the shoes need to be comfortable otherwise they will never be worn.

As far as handbags go, look at having different ones ranging from clutches to totes in a variety of styles and colors. This way you have eye catching handbags that provide accessories to the wardrobe and that particular outfit.  With jewelry, one can have bangles, ear rings, necklaces, and chokers that can be used to add sparkle.  If you aren't familiar with jewelry, begin with the more classic pieces such as diamond studs or hoop earrings, or a nice delicate pendant necklace.

Hair accessories can range from clips with bows or flowers to silk scrunchies instead of the standard ones. Use a jeweled hair clip for a sparkle or a velvet head band.  It is easy to switch things out to add that little bit of elevation. Then there are belts which can be thin or thick, made of leather, cloth, or chain.  The belt might be plain or embellished and perhaps in a neutral color or a bright color to add that bit of pop.  Finally, gloves, hats, and scarves are another way to add that touch needed to finish the outfit.

When it comes to accessories, you do not want all of them to sparkle or it just makes the outfit too busy.  You'll want to select accessories to create the overall look so you stand out.  When you begin choosing accessories, you want to select one statement piece that can be used with multiple outfits and makes you feel great.  Always choose one piece that dominates the outfit with color or size and layered with subtler pieces.

When choosing accessories, think about using colors or prints.  It is easy to use those bright colors or animal prints used in shoes, scarves, or a belt adds that touch of pizazz without overwhelming the overall look. Accessories can be used to transform outfits from day to night with just a small change, such as a little black dress with a blazer and flats are appropriate for work and then take off the blazer, switch out flats for heels, add sparkly jewelry, and a clutch, and you are ready to enjoy a night out.

The best thing is that accessories do not have to match.  Matching accessories indicate the person is more conservative rather than being fashion forward.  In fact, if you aren't sure, start with one color and use a color wheel to find colors you can wear together.  Keep in mind that choosing accessories is done one step at a time so as you mix and match them, everything looks awesome.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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