Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Eating Well While Traveling

 It is often difficult to eat properly while traveling for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it has to do with wanting to try everything you see.  Other times it has to do what you can find, or what you feel safe eating.   It is important that one try to eat in a healthy manner while traveling so you stay in good shape and do not put on extra pounds.  My mother, when she went to Europe in her twenties, gained something like 20 to 30 pounds and never lost it. 

I follow certain things so that I do not gain weight while traveling.  I admit that bakeries with fresh baked goods, ice cream or other frozen deserts, or nice meals that call my name.  Sometimes I can't resist so I try to remind my self of my rules so that I stay healthier.

Instead of eating foods that can be microwaved, or are processed, look for foods that are less processed such as yoghurt, cheese, bread, fruits, lean meats, or salads.  This is especially important at airports when you are in transit.  As people, we are attracted to convince foods because they taste good and we forget about the healthier alternatives.  If you opt for a salad, think about using less salad dressing or stick with a plain oil and vinegar or other such one.

Another thing is to try to eat on a regular schedule so you are less likely to impulse snack.  In addition, avoid heavy sauces and think about portion sizes.  You do not need to eat huge portions.  When you are ordering food, do you need one whole serving or is it a dish you can share with someone.  Do you need two scoops of ice cream or is one enough? Instead, think about smaller sizes so you don't get to stuffed and you won't get hungry. Always pack some high protein snacks like hard boiled eggs, cheese, and fresh fruits or vegetables.

Furthermore, always drink lots of liquids, especially water to stay hydrated.  When you are hydrated, you are less likely to have cravings for junk food and you are less likely to be bloated. Take a refillable bottle so you can always have water.  It is easy to refill bottles as you go along your trip.  When you sit down to eat, take your time enjoying the meal, even on a plane.  You want to take time to enjoy the flavors fully otherwise you won't remember much about the meal.

When you travel, it is so easy to over indulge. Think about having a treat or desert once a day while eating healthy foods throughout the day.  If you are in a new place, look at downloading an app to help you find a good place to eat.  Since I often travel overseas, I keep an app on my phone to help me find vegetarian and vegan restaurants or places that offer these type of options.

Watch the amount of caffeine, processed foods, and sugary items to help you sleep better at night. If you find yourself indulging, do not get mad at yourself.  Just start again and go for it because we all slip up.  I have trouble at bakeries when they have those beautifully decorated cakes, especially if they are chocolate. 

If you buy hot food at the airport, remember, you should always eat it within two hours or the amount of bacteria could start growing and you might end up with food poisoning. If you pop out to a store, look for precut and packaged fruits and vegetables, buy whole fruit with skin or a peel that can be removed. Ask for a mini fridge to be put in your room so you can store your purchased items.  This way they will remain safe.

Take care when you are traveling.  Look for those dishes that are healthier options and do not get discouraged.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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