Friday, September 16, 2022

Finding Your Own Personal Style

Personal style is something everyone has but not everyone has a personal style that allows them to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  For some their personal style is comfortable, for others it is more formal, and yet for others it might be very laid back or even boho.  If you ask many people what their personal stye is, they might respond that I don't have one.  It's fairly easy to determine your personal style so if you are ever asked, you'll have an answer.  Remember that personal style simply is the way a person expresses themselves in clothing and overall look.  
One does not find their personal style overnight.  It can take a while especially if you want to adjust your personal style to express who you are to others. Personal style is not necessarily about wearing the latest fashion.  Instead it is about wearing something that is timeless and stays true to who you are. 

 One of the first things is to look in your closet.  Identify which clothing makes you feel happy, which ones do you wear more often.  What is it these pieces all have in common.  This tells you so much about your style.  I tend to wear cargo pants and t-shirts a lot simply due to the fact that when I work, I need the pockets and when I travel, the pockets are great for documents and other things.  I classify my style as casual.

Another facet to explore in regard to personal style is to look around for fashion styles.  Look at family and friends.  Go onto social media and find people who wear things you like.  It might be crop tops, work clothing, blazers, jeans, or specific shoes.  Check out fashion videos, magazines, even influencers.  I watched some fashion thing on Youtube and learned from that.  I discovered I could wear a regular pair of jeans with my usual T-shirt and match it up with a blazer, hat, and heels for a much dressier look and still have my casual clothing.

Create a fashion board with the ideas you've picked out from various sources.  Once the ideas are up there, you can look at trends shown in the ideas.  You might discover that most of your choices show women in jeans, or maxi dresses. This gives you a better idea of your personal style.  From the fashion board, select two to three images that show what you think is the style for you and place them on your phone.  You can then reference these photos when you are out shopping.

The thing about personal style is that you don't necessarily need a huge wardrobe.  Although one may see many influencers with closets and closets of outfits, most people really don't need more than a capsule wardrobe.  The nice thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it is a nice collection of basics that can be mixed and matched giving the impression of a much larger wardrobe. A good starting place is with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  The pieces you love and use a lot. Make a list of basics you have and then decide what pieces you need.  

At this point, the only thing left is to add a few unique pieces to emphasize your style.  This might consist of bold accessories, pops of color, or a mixing and matching of fabrics such as prints with textures.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  If one idea doesn't work, try something else until it all comes together.  Finally, don't get discouraged because it does not happen overnight.  It will take some time. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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