Friday, December 2, 2022

Exercise DVD's Need More - Body Shapes, Levels, And Ages.


As you know, I use exercise DVD's instead of going to the gym or studios.  This is mostly because I usually end up working in places that do not offer gyms or studios so I have to get my exercise in other ways.  I lack a certain amount of motivation so I love exercise DVD;s because I have a "leader" I can follow.  Seeing others work along with the instructor encourages me but not all DVD's are encouraging for me.

I've found that many exercise DVD's are lacking in having people with a variety of body shapes.  Although I use a lot of different DVD;s I like the ones who have a variety of body shapes the best.  I admit, I am not a twenty something with a body that has a flat stomach, no boobs, and extremely tall.  I like seeing a woman who is more rounded with a bit of a rounded abdomen, and looks more like I do.  

The thing is, women come in every shape.  When I see a DVD with super skinny women working out, it seems unreal because most of the women I know, even the ones who are in shape, are not that skinny.  They have curves.  When I see women who have curves, even the instructor is that way, I feel more motivated because they look like me.

I also think that all DVD's should offer the workout routine with three basic levels - easy, medium, and more challenging.  I have a couple with the three levels but the easy level is not made for folks like me.  I have one where the instructor stated flat out there was not alternative to jumping jacks and one should just buck up and learn to do it.  The problem with that attitude is it can be very discouraging if you can't do the move to start with.  I've seen a modified jumping jack which I've used when I wasn't in the best shape and needed to work into the full jumping jack.  

It is important to have the doable levels for the average person so they don't get discouraged and feel encouragement because they can see they have options.  I admit, there are days, I am so tired, I don't feel as if I can do the challenging so I stick with the easy level or I start with the easy and when I'm truly warmed up, I'll move up to medium or challanging. I also like the DVD's that offer the choice of choosing which parts of the routine you want to do so if you had a really long day, you can put together a routine for 15 minutes or you feel good, you might go for the full 45 minute routine.  I have several 10 minute DVD's which means there are 5 ten minute long routines I can use to put together the routine length that works for me.

The last thing is I love getting DVD's that have participants of different ages from twenty something up to someone with beautiful gray hair.  When I use one like that, I feel more motivated because I don't end up discouraged because I can't move exactly in the same way all those twenty something fitness models work.  It also shows that anyone of any age can use the DVD which I think is important.  If all you see are twenty something people on the DVD, you receive this subliminal message that you have to be young to do it.  

When I end up with an exercise DVD filled with people who have different body shapes, are of different ages, and the DVD allows me to choose a length and a level, I am happy and so much more motivated because I feel as if I am working out with "regular" people.  I know there are people out there who will disagree with me, but this is how I feel and I love feeling as if I belong to the "class".  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

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