Monday, December 19, 2022

Fitness Trends For 2023

We are almost to the  end of 2022 and 2023 is rapidly approaching.  As with any new year, there are new fitness trends.  Some will last and others will prove to only be a fad but they all make a mark on us.  Some trends disappear because they are not research based and offer nothing to the participant while others are so good, they stay with us for years.

There are several trends but the actually ones listed tend to vary according to the source you explore. One trend that is found on different lists is  Metaverse Wellness.  This covers the digital world where we use data to help us improve our times and performances.  In this case the metaverse also covers fitness, beauty, diet, mental wellness, spas, and wellness when traveling, buying a house, or at work.  So it is looking at ourselves and our place in the universe.  

Next is Biophilia exercises which is another way of saying that when one exercises they connect to nature and the outdoors. Exposure to the outdoors helps improve mood, productivity, cognitive function, enhanced critical thinking and helps our mental health.  It is a good way to lower our stress levels.  I was just over in Copenhagen and half the population rode bikes even in the colder weather.  Everyone was out walking around, babies were in their carriages, and no one thought anything of it.  

More women are participating in weight training since it has become an accepted part of a well rounded workout. Weight training improves metabolism, increases bone density, and strengthens joints.  In addition, it can improve a woman's confidence while reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Although many think weight training is only good for building muscles, it is also a good way to boost your metabolism even at rest.  

The next trend is called free movement which is where you allow the body to intuitively move around.  One does not follow the structured routines such as the cardio workout in a fitness studio where you walk forward four steps and back four steps before repeating 8 times. Instead, it is about the body connecting with free movement so one finds the joy in moving again.  One lives in the body rather than the head.  I've done this and the hardest thing for me is moving around rather than following predesignated steps.  It is nice because you aren't wrong and you won't get on the "wrong" foot.  In addition, I've ended up feeling the same way as I have when working out with a regular routine.

Furthermore, with society deciding to live with COVID, people are returning to in-person classes.  At the same time, virtual fitness classes are going to remain but many times these classes end up feeding people into in-person classes.  In fact, 85 percent of virtual gym goers want to try in-person classes and in-person rates are at or above pre-COVID rates.

Another trend that is continuing into 2023 is wearable technology.  This includes fitness trackers, smart watches, heart-rate monitors, and GPS-tracking devices.  In addition, wearable technology provides data that can be used by trainers to provide personalized workouts.  People want personalized workouts so they get a workout designed specifically for them so they get the most out of their workouts.  In addition, wearable technology can gamify the workouts by using a VR headset or app. 

Then there are mini workouts also known as exercise snacking where you do short workouts throughout the day rather than one lone session.  Research indicates that the frequency is much more important than the length of a session and it fits in better, especially if you are busy.  In addition, these short sessions allows your body to release endorphins and changes the mindset from dread to enjoyment.  

Furthermore, one should add mobility training to the overall routine.  Mobility training is where a person learns to safely move a muscle or muscle group through a range of motion around a joint.  This helps you improve functional movement, prevent injuries, reduce pain and so much more.  At the same time, one should work on posture so everything is lined up and you stay healthy, without pain.  

We'll revisit these trends in a year to see which ones lasted and which ones fell by the wayside.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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