Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Metabolic Conditioning.


I have been following a program to help me get in better shape. It is an eight week course with lots of DVD's filled with toning, cardio, and so much more.  The other night, I did the one called metabolic conditioning.  It was a good workout but I wondered if there really was an exercise routine by this name or if it was something created by the instructor.  Turns out, metabolic conditioning is real.

Metabolic conditioning is a series of exercises designed to increase the amount of energy both stored in and released by your body. In other words, this workout helps you burn the maximum number of calories within a specific time frame.  Metabolic conditioning or MetCon for short uses high intensity exercises to help your body lose weight, gain lean muscle, and improve performance.  One experiences results in a shorter time than many other programs but if the exercises are not done correctly, one can become injured or even die.

MetCon contains specific exercises designed to improve how well the body works short, intermediate, and in the long term.  As you know, metabolism refers to how the body converts food and drink into usable energy. In the process, your body makes andenosine triphosphate or ATP which fuels the contractions of muscles. The amount of ATP used by your body depends on the intensity of physical activity.  Basically, when you do low intensity exercises your body produces ATP from the long term part, medium intensity exercises from the intermediate area, and high intensity produces ATP immediately.  The exercises in metabolic conditioning are geared to work with the intermediate pathway so your body is conditioned to do more work in less time.

It makes your energy production more efficient, helps you burn more calories so you lose weight, it increases the amount of oxygen your body uses, and increases lean muscle while reducing body fat.  A MetCon workout can be designed to take a person from where they are right now, to an improved level.  It might be as simple as walking up hill, riding a stationary bike with bursts of sprints, or up to ones that demand a lot.

Although it may sound like it is similar to something like HITT or high intensity interval training, they are different.  Metabolic conditioning has you workout at the maximum for longer periods of time than the HITT training.  If you are new to this, find a trainer who can help tailor a program to your needs so you get the best results and decrease the possibility of injury.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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