Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What To Use Instead Of Weights.

Sometimes, when we travel or we've just moved into a new place, we don't have access to weights so we need to be aware of alternatives.  This last move, I ended up using some 16 ounce cans instead of one pound weights because I hadn't found my three pounders during my unpacking. I've gotten a list together of things one can use instead of regular weights to use while working out.

One of the first recommended substitutions for one pound weights are 16 ounce cans of anything be it beans, soup, or coconut milk.  As long as it weighs 16 ounces, you'll have your pound weights.  If regular canned food is a bit awkward for your hands, look at those more narrow cans that spritzer and such come in but don't open any carbonated drinks after a workout or you might end up drenched.  

If you need a set of two pound weights, look at boxes of oat, almond, or even regular milk.  As long as the box contains 32 ounces, you have a nice substitution for two pound weights. These are a nice size for things like curls or presses and many of us have them in our pantries.

On the other hand, if you prefer three pound weights, look for three pound bags of uncooked rice. The great thing is that it seldom goes bad so you'll always have some around.  I admit, I'd start with the bag of rice but end up using it because I forgot to pick some up but then again, it is easy to replace.  

Should you have need of some four pound weights, make sure you have those 64 ounce boxes of milk stored in your pantry.  The milk might be regular, oat, almond, or any other type.  It doesn't matter as long as it weighs 64 ounces.  

Are you up at five pounds, look at the five pound bags of flour or sugar to use as weights.  They come in a nice package but if you want some extra protection, just wrap them in some cling weight or pop them in large ziplock bags so you don't sprinkle powder all over the place.

Need something that weighs even more, try a set of gallon milk jugs filled with milk, water, or other liquid for something that weighs about 8.4 pounds.  The thing about this sized jug is that its center of balance is off so it is hard to use than an 8 pound dumbbell. If you have the 150 ounce jug of liquid tide soap around, it is great for a nine pound weight.  

So if you need weights and don't have any handy, you have a whole list of substitutions you can use in your workout without omitting that part.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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