Friday, September 2, 2016

The 10 most expensive types of salt.

Mono Lake, California, Salt, Landscape  Can you imagine cooking with a salt that costs around $35.00 per ounce?  You realize that is $560 per pound!  To me that is mind boggling.  I assume there must be something really special about these products.

I finally splurged on the Hawaiian ones, Gros Gris and a Himalayan one.  I got a little of each but it lasts a long time because I use just a pinch to finish my cooking.

This list is from most expensive down to not as expensive.

1. Amethyst Bamboo Salt at $38.50 per 1.2 ounce bottle.  This particular salt has been roasted nine times in an aged bamboo vessel capped with clay.  The salt is roasted with a pine wood fed fire at a temperature almost as high the melting point of salt.

2. Korean Oyster Bamboo salt at at $28.50 per 1.2 ounce bottle.  This is another bamboo salt that has been pulverized into a fine powder.  It is only roasted one time and is referred to as a lesser salt because its only been roasted once.

3. Hana Flake salt for $17.25 per 1.2 ounce container. This Japanese flake salt glimmers in the sunlight due to its semi-transparency.  It is a bright white in color.  It is formed from evaporated brine.

4. Kamebishi Soy salt at $17.25 per 1.2 ounce bottle. It comes form Japan and is a robust salt flavored with soy sauce.  The salt is made when the company evaporates their fermented aged shoyu sauce which has 14.5% salt.  The resulting product is sold.  I looked on Amazon and They charge almost $30 for a just over 2.8 ounce container.

5. Black Truffle Salt for $16.50 per 1.2 ounce bottle. This particular salt is a finishing salt which is salt laced with bits of truffles. It is categorized as having meaty flavor.

6. Iburi Jio Cherry Smoked Salt for $16.50 per 1.2 ounce container.  This is a particular sea salt that is smoked using the Iburi smoking technique often used to preserve daikon radish for the winter.  Salt is smoked by being hung above dried cherry wood being burned.

7. Saffron Salt at $16.50 per 1.2 ounce bottle.  Saffron salt is simply a good quality saffron mixed with salt.  The cost is due to the cost of Saffron.

8. Kiluaea Onyx Black salt is only $12.00 for a 1.2 ounce bottle. This salt is produced in one place on the island of Molokai in Hawaii.  The salt is evaporated with black lava rock and combined with charcoal. 

9. Oshima Island Blue salt for $13.25 per 1.2 ounce jar.  Although the name implies the salt might be blue, it is actually sparkling white.  It is produced on the Oshima Island in Japan.  It is sun dried and filled with minerals.

10. Takesumi Blue salt at $13.00 per 1.2 ounce jar. This last one is a bamboo salt in which the Japanese deep sea salt is placed inside bamboo and totally burned. 

I never realized there were so many interesting types of salt out there.  I'm thinking of blowing the money for the soy salt because I love the flavor of a good Shoyu.

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