Friday, September 23, 2016

The Top Ten Cocktails in the World.

Mai Tai, Sky, Hawaii, Tropical, Blue  I am not much a drinker.  If I drink anything its like 1 or 2 teaspoons of rum in a large glass of coke or maybe bit of Bailey's Irish Creme in my hot cocoa.  I prefer to use alcohol to add a touch flavor.

Since I live in a dry village, I know folks who hit the bar on their way out here to have their last drink for several months and then hit it on the way in to quench their thirst.  I don't usually go to events that serve real cocktails so I wondered which ones are the most popular.

1.  The Apple Martini or Appletini which is a mix of vodka and apple schnapps, finished with a bit of lemon juice and a slice of apple.

2.  The Long Island Iced Tea, a drink made of rum, vodka, tequila, gin, and triple sec, frequently finished with lemon and coke. Although the name implies it, the drink has absolutely no tea in it.  Rumor has it, this drink was created in 1920 in Long Island, TN but the modern one came out as winner of a contest in Long Island, NY.

3.  The Californication which is the Californian take on the Long Island Iced Tea.  This one is a mix of rum, vodka, tequila, and gin finished off with orange liqueur and orange juice.  It is finished off with a twist of orange rind or a slice of orange.

4. Pina Colada is a mix of rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk. This mix provides a very nice tropical feel.  It originated in Puerto Rico and is considered its national drink. It is so popular, there is even a day to celebrate the Pina Colada.  It is said to have been created by a bartender at the Hilton Beachcomber Hotel back in 1952.

5. The  Margarita is considered the most popular cocktail in the United States. It is composed of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Its been around since the 1930's or 40's and is reputed to have come from Baja region of Mexico.

6.  The Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil.  Due to the recent Olympics, the world has been introduced to this particular drink.  It is made of cachaca or white rum, brown sugar, and lime juice.  This drink originated back in 1918 as a remedy for the Spanish Flu.

7.  A Mint Julip, the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.  I'm sure everyone is aware of this because I remember seeing something about it on a  M.A.S.H. episode celebrating the Kentucky Derby.  The drink is made of Bourbon, water, and sugar. There is evidence this particular drink has been around for a while but in the past its used gin, brandy, or whiskey being the main ingredient.  Bourbon has been the main ingredient since 1938 when Churchill Downs promoted it.  Currently over 120,000 drinks are made and consumed over a 2 day period.

8. The Mai Tai is a drink made of light and dark rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, and lime juice.  It evokes images of Polynesia.    It was extremely popular in the 1950's and 60's and even appeared in the movie "Blue Hawaii".  The story goes that it was created back in Oakland, California by the owner of a Trader Vics.  Its said the owner made it for some friends visiting from Tahiti in 1944.  Supposedly one of them exclaimed that's good in Tahitian and that became the name of the drink.

9. Mojito is a minty drink made of white rum, mint, sugar, lime juice, and soda.  To make the best Mojito it is recommended one crush the mint leaves rather than cut or tear them.  There is a story this evolved from a drink back in the 1500's that Francis Drakes men drank to ward off scurvy.  They got the drink from the natives.  Ernest Hemingway loved the drink.

10. At the top of the list is the Cosmopolitan, a refined drink that evokes images of James Bond's world.  It is composed of vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and triple sec.  No one is sure of its origins but females prefer the drink's sophisticated taste.

Out of the list, I've only ever had a Mai Tai and that was on the plane when I flew to Hawaii.  I just realized that even my parents are not cocktail drinkers.  I have had the Disney nonalcoholic version of the mint julep but its more like tea with mint and sugar.  Have a nice day.

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