Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Language of Flowers

Rose, Flower, Blossom, Bloom, Flowers Did you ever see the movie Kate and Leopold?  In it Leopold leaps forward into this century and while here, gives advice about which flowers to give because flowers convey meaning.

Have you ever wondered what each flower says to you as you gaze into its beauty.  In the past, a bouquet conveyed meaning but today, most people give flowers because they are pretty except for those dead flowers which convey the message of "I hate you!"

To start with floriography is the technical term for communicating using flowers.  Although this has existed through history, it became particularly popular in the 19th century to send coded messages without having to express certain feelings out loud.  There were plenty of books which could help the sender determine the right flowers for the right situation.

These small bouquets or nosegays also known as tussie-mussies were often carried or worn.  At one point, even the popular women's magazines of the time printed articles on this topic.

Examples of floral messages include:
Red rose for love.

Astor for patience.

Honeysuckle for devotion or sweetness.

Red Poppy meant imaginations, eternal sleep, and pleasure.

Yellow Primrose conveyed youth and young love.

Daffodils stood for unrequited love and chivalry.

Violets referred to modesty and faithfulness.

Apple blossoms meant good fortune, the promise of better things to come.

Daisies conveyed innocence, purity, or farwell.

Roses in general referred to love but the color determined the depth of the love.

Crocuses meant cheerfulness and the gladness of youth.

White lilies convey chastity and virtue.

Some of the meanings have remained the same but others have changed over time.  Next time you send a bouquet or you are giving flowers in general, remember you are sending a message.  I hope you enjoyed this.

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  1. I love flowers and their individual structure and beauty, now I can read their message as well. Thanks for the fun information.

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