Friday, December 28, 2018

Flying To Mexico

Outside the terminal.
 I flew down to Mexico yesterday and the trip wasn't bad.  I ended up spending the night in San Diego and almost had a heart attack when the hotel said they didn't start running shuttles until 5 AM.

My flight was set to leave at 7:10 AM and I thought I needed to be there at least three hours in advance since it was an international flight but the folks at the front desk assured me that I would make it with no problem and security didn't open till 5 AM anyway.

The toll road to Cabo
They were so correct.  I had plenty of time to make it to my flight.  I had to show my passport when I got to the gate.  I think they checked everyone's identification.  After a two hour flight, I arrived in Mexico.

Passport control was wonderful as were the customs folks so it was a quick in and out.  I prepaid for a shuttle ride because I didn't want to mess with that so I found my way out to the appropriate waiting area for my shuttle.

On the way there I passed by three outdoor bars incase I wanted to relax while I waited for my shuttle.  Since I don't drink, I ignored them and went straight to the waiting place where I checked in and waited a few minutes.

On the way to Cabo
 It was a fairly long drive to the hotel because I was the last one dropped off.  On the way, they dropped people off at some very fancy resorts and such but I opted for a nice small hotel that was not all that expensive but included Wi-Fi and breakfast.

In addition, its near the marina, the shopping center, and lots of places to eat so I'm happy.  It appears the hotel is extremely quiet and off the beaten track, back off the road.

Once I checked in, I took a lovely nap because I'd been up since 4 AM and traveling can be so tiring. The room was nice and cool, with a great view of the pool and jacuzzi.
My Hotel.

After the nap, I wandered off to one of those small minimarts to pick up an avocado, local cheese, bananas, and bread but I couldn't find any artisan bread there.  I have a lead on a bakery I'll look for tomorrow that may offer the type of bread I want.

I saw those large bottles of Mexican Vanilla in a variety of stores from tourist places to pharmacies.  I do plan to buy a few bottles to take home and share with others.  Someone is going through Hatch NM to pick up chili so I'll trade a bottle of the vanilla for some chili.  It will be great.

View from my hotel window
They place me in the back so I'm nowhere near the street and I over look the pool and jacuzzi.  I'll probably swim in the pool another day.

Last night, I was still tired so I headed off to find dinner and ended up at Wicked Pizza where I picked up a vegetarian pizza.  I discovered they also offered a gluten free for those who cannot eat wheat.  I would say it was great because the people who ordered it, ordered a second one as soon as they finished the first on.
On the way back, I stumbled across this guy at one of the liquor/cigar stores you pass regularly.  I even saw a store advertising Cuban cigars but I didn't explore that.

I'm heading off on a food tour today.  I thought that might be fun to explore some of the local spots with a guide.  What attracted me to this tour is they stated that if you have dietary requirements to let them know and they'd make sure there was food available to eat.

I'll take pictures and tell you how that goes tomorrow.  In addition, tomorrow I'm headed out on a tour to check out the land's end where the Pacific meets the local water of body. I will be sure to share pictures with you.

I hope you have a great day.  I'll be posting about my holidays down here and so far, I'm enjoying it.  I've seen several different types of cactus and other desert type plants

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